Sunday , August 1 2021

Battlefield 6 offers an even more experience. Reports indicate natural disasters on the maps

There are more reports on the next part of the popular series from DICE – this time it’s about carrying out natural disasters!

Probably already next month we can witness the presentation of the next meal in the Battlefield series. And that seems like a pretty accurate assumption, especially given how much information has been spilling onto the internet lately. Much of this is credited to Tom Henderson, who recently mentioned Fr. action news and multiplayer mode.

Now he has added some more interesting things to the message group. That’s what he said natural disasters are supposed to happen in multiplayer Battlefield 6 modes. What’s more, these will be able to cause damage around us while destroying certain elements of the environment. And although this is just the language of one of the users, we can say that it should not exceed the capabilities of the creators.

Suffice it to recall that we have already been given the opportunity to destroy the environment – Having Battlefield 4 was resounding. Large elements of the map, such as buildings or dams, could be blown up there. It’s similar with weather influences, which you simply need to fix quite a bit. Tom Henderson posted photos of floods, hurricanes, volcanoes and aftermath in the news.

However, as I have already mentioned – it should be borne in mind that this is not confirmed information, but only reports. However, a trusted user would still not be responsible for them messages are not confirmed. We will probably be able to check them out in the coming weeks.


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