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¯y³a? Joint transformation. Stoch? There were no problems in it

On an individual competition on Sunday, the first in the season, Stoch was the best from Poland, the fourth was. The sixth was the former, and Kubacki took fourth place. The points were also scored by 23. Jakub Wolny and 29. Maciej Kot. Stefan Hula did not qualify for the second round, which was ranked 38th. On Saturday, they won ¯ yła, Wolny, Kubacki and Stoch.

£ ukasz Jachimiak: In which series of Sunday competitions you were welcomed by Kamil Stoch during the flight?

Adam Małysz: In another. I saw that the distance would be fine. If you stand at the bottom, you can see it as soon as the player leaves. When it sails and starts with bulla, it will surely be a very good jump.

After this jump Kamil fell from the second place, finished the competition in the fourth position. Was the jump still good?

– It was over. Kamil's telemark lost his podium. And Piotrek was alive. They both had problems landing. If in the second round better finished their jumps, they would be on the footsteps with Evgeny Klimov.

How Does Stoch Do It? Do you know what I'm asking? On Friday he was 48 years old in qualifications, according to them, he said that he just came to the threshold, which could be seen at his speed. And on Saturday he was the best in the team, and on Sunday he was also very good. What does Kamil have to do to correct mistakes?

– Has a lot of experience, prepares conclusions and takes advice. But it was not just in Wloł that the problem was in Kamil on Friday. Then we tested fats, powders, skis and I think that this is a bigger problem than Kamil's disposal. His jumps were not bad. I'm always in contact with trainers, I hear what they say hot, and Stefan Horngacher said "well on the threshold". The wind also made matters worse. Every day such shots were given by the competitor immediately after leaving the threshold and could not fly off. Kamil had qualifications, Dawid Kubacki got such a blast in the second series of "teams".

Talking about the powders, lubricants and skiers that were tested on Friday, Maciek Kot told us about the shoes. Did you have to arrange this kind of school on the first day of snow jumping?

– It's a problem with shoes that if you order it, you want the one who has already worked for us, and it's still a little different. They are different each time because Rass makes them manually. Even a minor drawback of the player is very sensitive, so there are many jumps, this is the level of progress.

If we are talking about shoes, do you think that you can not lose the opportunity to get used to equipment before the competition?

– Yes. And in the concrete case, Ma'ka from what I know has finally taken on the competition of the other shoes because they did not bring him.

We tested new equipment, but maybe we did not see any news?

– Nobody showed them. For now, no one will be stretched out, which works. We are preparing secret weapons at the 4-Hills Tournament and at the World Cup in Seefeld.

Can you tell Wisłi how to succeed in the first part of the season at the 4-Hills Tournament?

– You can not do this yet. Some have already said they are not Norwegians. And in my opinion, Kuusamo will show claws in a week. They have a very strong team all the time. They won the last season of the All Nations Cup. In Poland, Robert Johansson was disqualified in the "team", which brought him only 10th place, which also affected the individual competition. It was obvious that the commitment was emphasized by the dress. They will attack Kuusamo because they will be irritated, and it is a great hill, almost a mummy, and they are, after all, the best pilots.

Have we moved so well that even in the field of competitive rivals they effectively fight with them?

– Of course. Everything is very good with us. Wisła confirmed what we knew after the last training. When I spoke to Stefan Horngacher in Zakopane a few days ago, after the last training, I was told by the coach that he was very happy because the players from March progressed because there was no damage because training was done 100 percent. Stefan has constant contact with Harald Pernitsch [to konsultant naukowy kadry]which oversees our progress and Pernitsch was also pleased. He entrusts us with optimism and calm that everything is good.

Piotr ¯ yła was very calm. He's very focused, he's almost joking. What happened to him?

– Piotrek had big family problems, but now he is a little stabilized. This is once. And two that Piotrek is good for "thirty", so it's time to become serious. His pranks begin to disappear, he really gets balanced, concentrated. He was usually the first on the hill, and the last one fell. He always drove out of the jump and even ate the fastest. And now Piotr is walking, he is in the longest time, he does not rush, he has time for everything. Joint transformation. I think that's very good.

After an equal summer, he understood that he had wintering similar in winter? To become a regular and not an occasional jump on the stairs and win?

– He's sure of this. He did not participate in the team at Pongong Games, this was an important moment for him. In the summer, he noticed that although the Olympic start did not pass, work was useful before playing. Because she started to bring results. The Olympic Games did not work, obviously it took more time. Piotrek waited and now has a form. At a difficult moment, he remained calm. And now Maciek Kot behaves like that. Even when he was the third or the other, he nose a nose because he wanted to win. He's not in shape now, he's calm, he has a weakness. He knows he needs time. He understood the situation.

It is extremely difficult that he fell out of the team this season, but now he does not seem to have the chance to appear in the next few years.

– This is true. Kamil is still our leader, I think that no one else could drag the team, as well as Kamila. But I see this as the role of such a second leader in the era of Piotrek and Dawid Kubacka. And Cuba Wolny is developing very well. He started to be a very stable player.

Cuba was unlucky on Sunday? After the eighth result in the team, the 23rd place in the individual competition certainly is not the same as it would have been.

– Cuba was the only one who showed us a beautiful telemark, his jumping was good and even very good, but he was really bad luck. It's hard to put off, it will not escape.

The weak side of the weekend in Wiśle is the performance of team B. None of the six out of six Maciej Maciusiak's coaches were out of the competition. It was worse than we expected, even if we know that there are problems on the back, right?

– Yes, we really care about our immediate capacity. There are only a handful of Germans, Austrians, Norwegians and Slovenes, because there are four retired people in team B. In addition to the six teams A and out of the four teams from B, we have only the youngsters in the country. We have to reach a good level for a long time.

In the end, tell me what you think of the hero on Sunday. Klimow has five minutes and can be extended for the whole season?

– he won the Grand Prix in the summer, he jumped very well and now some say he still has a full form. Consensus, insists, but his jumping is really good, it's not a coincidence that he won. Maybe he has better equipment, but the dress does not jump on its own. Good equipment requires good will. Klimow has that. And let's say it's a former Norwegian combiner, so it's definitely very well prepared for durability. If it does not lose the technique, it can put it to the end of the season. I'm not saying he'll always win. Perhaps even in every competition in the "tenth", but I think that the World Cup will be generally high.

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