WWE adds to the list of banned words


Much of what you see on WWE is scripted and very much dedicated to what was said on their television product. Announcers usually get lines through their headphones throughout the show, so what you hear about Corey Graves usually tells him that Vince McMahon himself may be himself.

Since these are public companies, they must be very sensitive about what they say on television. But Vince McMahon also has his idea of ​​what people could do in the wrong way. If anything, it's all about a brand name for McMahon, so he greatly controls all aspects of what he can.

Lately, our sources told us that WWE on TV is no longer allowed to use the following words: dog, fevers, tape, fat, hospital, kill, hate, stupid, hell, ass, violence, forgery, revenge, Number One Contender , in the background, National Television, DQ, Spot, and Girls.

Some of these have already been known as the title "title" in the championship, not the dog or dog, because it increases the importance of it. Even the "medical device" was always driven, instead of the "hospital" we heard several times in the last memory.

Some of these are interesting and could be a problem in a row, such as a ban on the use of the DQ word, because it is a legitimate way to end the match, so they will probably begin to talk about "disqualification" regularly. Also, Only time will tell how they can continue without saying "Match One Contender" with this new list of banned votes.


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