Wayne Rooney says former England players are bitter about recent success on the side


He insisted that he would be equally proud to win England as a patron because he would be a player. Rooney also does not regret his career.

"I can look back and say to myself that I've given everything. It did not always work or pay off, but I gave everything I could to make England successful," he said.


"I had my time. It did not turn out that the trophies were hopeful, but I am happy with my international career and I will always look like a proud achievement."

Rooney, who ended his good career in DC United yesterday, fought on Thursday for 58 minutes, but other team members enjoyed a record-breaking shot.

He said he gave a word of encouragement to Jadon Sancho before the word.

"He's a fantastic talent," said Rooney. "I spoke with him before the game and he said it was nervous, which is normal."

Sancho showed Rooney in his teenage years to remember the superstars.

Veteran striker said he said 18-year-old before kick kick off: "Have an impact, have a few moments on the pitch when people remember this moment." Rooney added: "He must have done it."

The 33-year-old was in a very frenzied mood at his last meeting with reporters at Wembley, describing how he reported some negative responses to the decision of the Football Association to give him a 120th cap.

If we compare the decision to select it by responding to people at the League of Nations UEFA, he said: "It's new and people have different opinions."

There was no goal for Rooney to register no. 54, when he finally went to Wembley the evening. "It was a nice shipment and a great way to thank fans, a proud moment for myself and my family, and I will remember something for a long time," said Rooney.

Youngster Sancho (left) was impressed by the US.

Youngster Sancho (left) was impressed by the US.Credit:Cover Pictures

"I am proud that I've played for England so many times." But he added, "I had my time. I'm glad what I contributed to the national team and look forward to the next few years, and I'm watching how this young team makes an impression."

Former Manchester United has said that the potential of the team is "big".

"In a strange way, the game against Spain will give them more confidence than the World Cup, as this is a great result to win in Spain," he added. "Being around them and seeing how they developed and seeing how Gareth is training them is great."

Rooney said the page was suitable for previous teams, including Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand.

"This team has a superstar. He has been a leading shooter for many years in Harry Kane; [Raheem] Sterling; John Stones in the middle game – names in world football … I see that they were trained correctly. Fair ideas, but they really respond to it, so we hope that this can be the one that will bring the next trophy home. "

He added: "I am happy for everyone, because I am a fan of England. I am happy for England. This is a great opportunity for these players to go to the next step.

"They have already done this in the semifinals, but they can not sit there and say that we were together with the 1990 team that came into the semi-finals. Then they can continue, and I know from the mentality of the players, although they are young, the mentality is right, they will push more. "

With 32 minutes left in the game against the US 3-0, Rooney replaced Jesse Lingard, who said: "In the last few days, his presence around the team was excellent.

"Everyone looked at him … He repeated that the summer was very impressive for him that the spring was every step and all excited."

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