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The Boston plan returned a football silver bowl


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Liverpool returned to the top of the European table after reaching the sixth success in the Champions League, and the American owners believe they have begun.

Before wins in the final against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, Liverpool chairman Tom Werner said: "We always said we wanted to win silver."

In a conversation with the Liverpool Echo newspaper, Werner said: "We have no intention of selling. We have reached a position where I think the club is in the best form it has been for a long time."

Werner is the key person in the Liverpool Fenway Sports Group's (FSG) ownership structure and has bought Liverpool for £ 300 million (£ 379 million) from his major shareholder John W. Henry in 2010. FSG, which also owns the world champions of the Red Sox Reds, has since seen an investment in an increase in the English Premier League Premier League, worth about $ 2 billion.

Through a series of overhauled appointments and appointments at the level of the board and players, in nine years, FSG transformed Liverpool from the edge of the administration into a commercial force, which is now envy of many others.

The most important was in January 2018, when a decision was made to sell Philippe Coutinho Barcelona for $ 179 million, making the club a significant profit, as it was purchased in 2013 for only £ 8.5 million ($ 10.7 million). million world records for defenders Virgil van Dijk and $ 84 million for goalkeeper Alisson Becker, both key players in the European success of Liverpool.

In February this year, a record profit after tax of USD 134 million was announced and the annual turnover increased by USD 113 million to USD 575 million.

After winning the Champions League in the final in Madrid, the conversation returned to ensure the future of Liverpool's charismatic and instrumental manager Jürgen Kloppe according to his current contract, which currently runs until 2022.

When the German came into the club in October 2015, he promised owners and fans to "doubt the believers". While this season he was unable to capture Champions League champions in the Premier League in Manchester City, Clopp has made the first major Liverpool trophy for seven years.

"It was a period of continuous progress and it was a real joy to watch the constant improvement of the team," Werner said. "All I can say is that it's obviously important to stay as long as he likes it. We believe he is committed to Liverpool."

In September, it will be three years since Liverpool's Anfield home for the first time presented the new main stand, thanks to a FSG loan of $ 139 million. However, with every sold home game, the capacity of just over 54,000 has already been seen as insufficient to meet demand.

Renovation of Anfield Road Enda in the stadium, which will raise the capacity around the 60,000 mark, is potentially attractive for FSG. "We continue to study the feasibility of this," Werner revealed.

"We have planning permission if we continue on and if we allow the box to be good by September. We are continuing to explore possible options and we will probably re-examine it in weeks after the final final," he added. Liverpool Echo.

In the final year of its current package, Liverpool has contracted with the US Warrior Sports brand and its New Boston brand Boston brand. Warrior is also the main sponsor of Boston Red Sox in order to increase FSG's interest.

The Warrior deal was worth 189 million dollars over the six years, but this is a resurgence of Liverpool's commercial influence, and is now looking for options that include a link to Nike.

It could have seen the club approach the new "long-term" deal with Puma, which was signed last year for $ 860 million.

Last year, Liverpool announced an extension of the club's agreement with Standard Chartered as the main sponsor of clothing until the end of the 2022/23 season.

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