PUBG is now banned in Nepal


The battle for the royal shooters Fortnite in Apex Legends maybe exceeded Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown in a way, but PUBG It is again in the headlines for the controversial new reason: some governments have openly banned the game.

Last month, we heard how the police in India arrested ten students for playing PUBG in some places in Gujarat, India has limited its name and now the whole nation has done the same. Nepal ordered all ISPs and mobile operators to ban the game Kathmandu Post, Himalayan times, and Reuters. According to the PublicationNepal is also ready to arrest players when the game was banned.

As you can guess, Nepal cites typical beliefs about why such a video game should be limited, including concern about addiction and aggression – even though experts are often skeptical about the idea of ​​addictive video games and studies that have tried to explore the link between video games and aggression were mostly vague.

This did not stop the Nepal Metropolitan Criminal Department to ban the court on a single day, saying that he had consulted with psychiatrists who believed in the theory of aggression and stressed that other countries had been banned PUBG also. "We decided to ban the game before something bad happens to Nepal," said Dhiraj Pratap Singh, head of the Metropolitan Crime Department. Publication.

But this bit about other countries ban PUBG it's not really true. Although China was reportedly banned PUBGIn fact, the game was not approved for launch in the country – Chinese censors ceased to approve new video releases, which meant that Tencent could not evaluate the title, even though people had already played the game without the purchases in the app.

In fact, Tencent added the old age of China PUBG Mobile just last month to calm those censors. And although some places in India actually banned the game, at least one of them apparently already abolished this ban. Nepal also banned pornography in October last year.

We contacted PUBG Corp to see if there is any comment on a game that deserves a ban throughout the country.


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