Kim Milijarder, Peter Lim, says she is not involved in the Seungria Scandal, Entertainment News & Top Stories


On Saturday (March 23rd), former singer BigBang Seungri denied in an interview with the Korean daily Chosun Ilbo that he had asked his staff for prostitutes for foreign investors in the Arena nightclub.

In connection with a single message, he explained that he was only looking for women to hang out with a woman called "Kimmy".

He said that "the daughter of the owner of a famous football club born in Singapore" and his longtime friend.

While he did not find out who was, the speculation had prompted him to refer to Kim Lim, whose billionaire father Peter has a controlling stake in Spanish Valencia.

On Saturday, Mrs. Lim wrote on Instagram to get away from K-pop scandals, in which four artists withdrew from the show business. Seungri was booked to provide sexual services to potential investors of the Burning Sun club.

Scandals began in January when Burning Sun reported that it attacked the staff, triggering further reports that link artists with illegal actions, from filming women in sexual acts to bribery and gambling.

In her workplace, Ms. Lim wrote: "A while before the news broke, I received a phone call from Seungry. It turned out that there was an interview with him, which supposedly demanded prostitutes for their investors.

"He asked me some strange questions and postponed it. I do not know why he called me and how I participated in this saga." I do not need to say that I was completely confused after the call. "Seungri said that the chat was entirely made and The police later said that they did not.

Referring to a press release later published by Seungri's lawyer, she mentioned: "The article suggested that I arrange a party together with other girls who claimed to be not prostitutes. Friends from Singapore, we went to the club Arena … and Seungri prepared a VIP table for our group.

"We then had fun and left. There were no other sponsors or staff accompanying our group." I never asked for "girls" to have fun with me that night.

"I'm involved in this matter simply because I was there that night. I was simply in the wrong place and at the wrong time."

Mr Lim added: "In order to be clear, I had no idea / ideas about the alleged criminal activities that took place in Burning Sun / Seungri before this saga broke out.

She warned that "all media that continue to report will be heard from my legal adviser".


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