Chevrolet gives the Colorado ZR2 its own deserts. Desert parts, that is. –


Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup is already extremely capable off-roader. A truncated punch, a raised ride, and those large, large-sized bumpers that stick to some of the most sturdy tires we've ever seen on a production vehicle. Now Chevrolet Performance increases the ability to drive in the desert with parts that have been developed and tested in real off-road racing.

It starts with 15 new components. They developed Chevrolet and Hall Racing to be ready for the desert. It's a hall like in the Rod Hall. The team was owned by one of the most respected racers of all time. Legend of the strenuous Baja 1000. One of the most important races in the world that sees racers is over 1600 km across the Mexican desert. Although his son Chad led the work on wheels on this.

As a refreshment, a long list of ZR2 accessories includes a 50 mm elevator, a 89 mm wide track, functional sliders and large-cut bumpers to improve off-road clearance. This is at the top of the multimatic almost magic DSSV dampers.

In addition, the new parts of the Chevrolet Performance for the Colorado ZR2 raise the suspension of the vehicle another 25 mm. In addition, the body is raised 38 mm for the maximum distance.

Colorado ZR2 pickup

This is the space for a new set of multimatic DSSV dampers that they can play. They have 15 percent more suspension trips in front. In the rear, long travel strokes increase the movement of the suspension to 10 percent. Ideal for irrigation of desert dunes and ants and upholstery of the truck over impacts. Impact poles in the dampers are thicker and the body of the front unit is threaded to allow the height adjustment to be adjusted.

For this raise, there are new upper circles of the upper angles. They enable more articulation of the suspension and let the shocks do their job. The new rear long-distance travel springs are required to supply the lift and allow the axle to move.

Special attackers are as pressure stops. Extra shock absorber that is very solid and very short. So, if you've succeeded far from all this main blow, do not break the wheels into the frame. Or bend the frame like some sort of deserted rival. A beam diameter is needed to strengthen the truck in front of those who respond to impacts. There is also a new rear differential cover that allows new parts of the suspension to be mounted and a steel drive shaft that adjusts the lift, and is a silencer for crawling tires.

Parts have more than 16,000 km of durability tests. This is because the pieces actually used by Hall Racing to play the Baja 1000 and to complete the season of the nine Best and the Desert series.

The total cost of these parts is over 21,000 USD. It's not cheap, but if you're really going to hit some jumps, then there's not much choice with this kind of pedigree.

Colorado ZR2 pickup

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