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An extension on ice receives an intense narrative for the story


Capcom also described in detail what missions from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be shown on E3 2019.

Before showing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on E3 2019, Capcom decided to publish details of the story and a brand new story focused on a story for which Capcom said it would contain "a deep content offering that would compete with the scope of the original release Monster Hunter: World. " You can see the story below for the story below.

Meanwhile Monster Hunter World: Iceborne houses a lot of content, developers have indicated that players have to fill in the main story Monster Hunter: World and reach Hunter Rank 16 before they can access the expansion story. That also means Iceborne is not an independent extension, so players need to take over and finish the basic game if they want to see all these new content.

As for the story Monter Hunter World: Icebornefollows the Research Commission when exploring the iceberg Hoarfrost Reach from Seliana, their base of operations. One of the biggest actors of the monsters that follow is called screamed Legiana, which is "covered with white frost that it uses to freeze the air around it and seriously attack the hunters." Tigrex and other monsters from the previous Monster Hunter games that did not appear World the basic game was also polished. As Hoarfrost Reach will be the largest map in Monster Hunter: World, it certainly seems that $ 39.99 worth of content will be for players who will sink their teeth.

Capcom also described in detail what the E3 2019 demo will contain. It features three tasks: the Great Jagras from the basics for novices, Banbaro wybern for intermediate players and Tigrex for the best players. Players will also have access to all 14 types of weapons, so this is definitely a good offer if you attend E3 this year.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne September 6, 2019 will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The extension will cost $ 39.99, although those who have not yet seen the game can pre-order EUR 60 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition on Amazon, make a net basic game as well.

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