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All Netflix Christmas Romantic comedy that you need in your life right now

As temperatures slowly fall in this period, you will want a good romantic comedy that will pop you from within. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, a solid rom-com can lift your spirits and create a euphoric feeling that will bring you through those weird family sounds. If you ante and dive in Christmas? Well, no doubt – you'll almost feel reborn. Since I am the type of giving, and these are holidays, I will share all the Christmas romantic comedy Netflix that you need in your life right now. You can thank me later.

Of course, Christmas is a great time to spend family and friends, but with all the romantic comedies on Netflix, you may want an advantage. Regardless of whether you needed a trip that explores the search for the "magic" season or 90 minutes when you're looking forward to a 90-minute holiday, the real movie can make a trick. With a wide range of queued films – that you can stream ASAP – you will not have a shortage of winter joy, no matter how "terrible" weather is outside. And whatever, who in this season could not take advantage of happiness? Here is the best of the best Netflix rom-coms, your Christmas-loving heart never knew it was necessary.

Love in essence

Everett collection

You can not have a Christmas without the tradition of seeing this gem. Love in essence is a rom-com sponsor. This story follows a few different topics with the help of a lonely premier, a newborn writer and a housewife, a widower and his stepmother, a woman and a mother who finds some difficult things about her husband and some others. All these beautifully narrated stories are cut during the Christmas competition. It's rom-com to finish all rom-coms and a great hot chocolate season.

Christmas prince

Everett collection

Okay, so it could move towards romantic cinema, but that's what makes it so great. Treat the story of a journalist who was assigned abroad to fall to Prince Aldovia, except – Surprise! – He has no idea he's a journalist. These are the things from which dreams are created.

Christmas inheritance

Everett collection

If you're looking for a proven and real formula for sensual good rom-com, Christmas inheritance or is it. In this, your protagonist, Ellen – a social heir, who is the mission to get a card to your dad's former partner – finds the meaning of the season. And, well, she fell in love. Obviously.

Vesele Kissme

Movieklips Indie on YouTube

Vesele Kissme it is for everyone who has come to the right through all the wrong relationships. Kayla's choreographer is a self-obsessed fiancé, so it's natural for us to find love elsewhere, right? And he does this in the hospitality industry, which reminds him of how he looks.

Dear Christmas

Johnson Production Group on YouTube

The letter "Dear Santa", written by a little girl, has the ability to change everything when a woman finds her, meets girls and bam – installations.

God's Spirit

MarVista Entertainment on YouTube

It's not Christmas without some kind of ghost, is it? It has a characteristic hotel with a spirit that returns for 12 days of Christmas every year. But (because it is always a but), the spirit of happiness of a lawyer trying to sell the property, trying to break the spell and of course fall in love. Type morbid, but anything.

White Christmas

Everett collection

Sometimes it's good to mix the classic in the mix. V White Christmas, two army veterinarians set up a holiday show and fell in love with the two sisters of the showbiz. If you ever hear how Bing Crosby sings White Christmas to feel all the feelings, this is your chance.

Engagement on holidays

Johnson Production Group on YouTube

You have to love movies with the situation "here is my fake boy". That's it. Would you like to face your family during your vacation after a serious breakdown? I mean, hiring a player to play your boyfriend sounds more fun.


Christmas Crush – Trailer on YouTube

During a meeting in high school, Georgia is excited about the expectation of a reunion with former confusion. But this may not be what is in Christmas cards (ie, here comes a new person that you prefer to love).

Holiday luggage

Johnson Production Group on YouTube

We all have luggage, right? It may not sound like the most exciting plots, but when couples unite for the holidays, emotions are returned. Everyone would want something wonderful. Take a look at this with a tissue box and lower your luggage.

It's here until Christmas, Netflix and anyone who needs the healing power of a romantic comedy in this holiday season.

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