Friday , October 22 2021

6 Brand New Christmas Movies to come this year


This is the time of the flight, everybody!

If the sky is in the dark at 15:00, you can enjoy whatever you want without food, everyone counts on Christmas party and your bank balance is at the lowest level, because you always play with Santa and can not say on a festive evening?

Well yes but even if you can sit in pajamas on a daily day with a luggage saddle, and through the hours of Christmas classics such as Home Alone, Holiday, Elf and Love, actually (do not forget Christmas With The Kranks!).

While parents never get bored, 2018 blesses us with many new holiday vacations, as Netflix releases four (!) Christmas Films and two main titles that travel to cinemas.

So, get a wish list and note what you need to watch this season …

Attention! There is a new Disney blockbuster for the winter! Yes that `s right; if you somehow missed the whole buzz around him, The Nutcracker and Four Realms is a brand new Disney fantasy that has set us on the right time for the holidays in the movies. They play Keira Knightley, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren (just some names), the magic story is incredibly incredible and has A-leafs that would even make Big Disney's snobbing to see their coin.


Legendarna knjiga Dr. Seuss How Grinch stole Christmas! takes another form into a completely new animated adaptation. He was pronounced by Benedict Cumberbatch, The Grinch was narrated by Pharrell Williams (!) And is completely spectacular – and (apparently) completely ridiculous. Live live in 2000, in which Jim Carrey plays, we will always have a heart, but we would lie if we were to say that we did not love him completely.

Calendar for holidays

The first of four Christmas Netflix movies to be released this year is Calendar of Holidays. A charming rom-com is a great time for a comfortable night, as a friend Katra Grahama from childhood returns to her home for a holiday and is quickly aware that things like things are a little different from adults. This classic layout in magical old-fashioned upcoming calendar? Well, this is certainly not predictable.

Princess switch

Vanessa Hudgens, parental trap, Christmas; what else would you like? Princess Switch is basically The Parent Trap, but one of them is a princess and everything is set in the winter snow. Love interests are crossing, there are some great British Bake Off vibes and there really is only a lot of the size that is happening. This is you You have to Watch out for November 16th.

Christmas chronicle

CAUTION, EVERYONE: Home Alone creators give us a new classic Christmas classic with The Christmas Chronicles. Kurt Russell plays Christmas, which is hunted by some curious brothers and sisters, and encounters some funny layouts in the modern world of self-confidence and the like. This is not what you might miss, catch it on November 22.

Christmas prince: royal wedding

Are you dying to know what happened to Amber and Prince Richard? Do not wait anymore because the Christmas Prince: the royal wedding comes to Netflix on November 30th. As you can guess from the title, they marry (!!) or at least someone because the trailer has not yet been released, but can only be assumed.

Now wrap yourself up and get ready for Christmas!

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