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YouTube virus: claim to have recorded a "time traveler" in a Parcha concert broadcast by Netflix | Video | Photos | Viral | Netflix | Social Networks | Mexico | Trends


Nobody can believe what his eyes warned. Through YouTube, a viral video where the audience is dancer actors Parcheesi in a documentary film Netflix, who apparently could observe the "time traveler" from a small screen. Impressive images have caused sensation in social networks, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

As Gizmodo says, one of her readers noticed this in a documentary launched by Netflix Parcheesifrom 44:11 to 44:14 you can see a woman who has a smartphone in the hands.

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An unusual thing video, which has thousands of reproductions on YouTube, is that you can also see it next to a woman girl, which appears to be looking at the screen of the alleged one smartphone.

"If a woman did not find a way to travel to a worm that she would move in the early eighties, the hypothesis of traveling through time does not make sense. Then what's this damn device? "The real author of the article.

The publication does not provide an answer as to what this article would be that appears in the documentary film Parcheesi Netflix has been uploaded to YouTube; However, if you have done more theories.

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One theory ensures that it is a premise smartphone It would be a compact analog camera. "You could close the shutter at the time of the video or roll over the reel under the watchful eyes of your daughter," she says.

Another theory thinks it could be Game & Watch, a console that became very popular in the '80s, before the start. t Game Boy. They could also be folding binoculars.

We invite you to take a look video from YouTube, which shows the exact moment when this strange woman appears. You can also check our gallery, by moving the main image to the left.

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About the Netflix series

The children's band, which has captured adults and children since the 70's, has returned. But this time, this will be done in a documentary format that can be found on the platform streaming Netflix from today. Who are we talking about? Parcheesi. A very popular group on social networks, especially on YouTube.

More than one danced with the popular "Par-ch & apos; s chís, Par-ch & apos; s chísAt school parties, perhaps at events or at home. But nobody knew how to be part of the group and its surroundings. You can enter more details here. Let's leave you trailer this documentary that was uploaded to YouTube.

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The incident came into the eye of more youtube

The video of coursetime of the passenger"In the Netflix series, several YouTube channels decided to create videos trying to explain this strange phenomenon.

One of these channels on YouTube was Magnus Mephistowho posted a clip that quickly became trend v social networks more than 140 thousand reproductions.

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"Twist My School" was one of the most famous songs

Parcheesi He won in several countries, "in my school"One of his most famous songs of thousands of children who moved into the rhythm of this entertaining song that talked about what pupils do during a lesson. Leave one of your videos published on YouTube.

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Member Parcheesi wanted to present a goal

Netflix has an expected documentary in its catalog Parcheesi, a production that tells the most secretive secrets of a Spanish group of children hit on YouTube.

However, one of the most striking stories is that Yolanda Ventura, the only member who, unlike her followers, remains in the entertainment world as an actress. You can find more details here. Leave the documentary trailer that you have downloaded to YouTube.

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"Don Devil" is another of his successes

You may not know, but one of the famous songs by Miguel Bosé was "Don Diablo", a theme also played by Parcha.

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The huge waves jump from the cliffs and die due to global warming

Heart Breaking Through YouTube, a fragment from a documentary film was sharedOur planet (our planet), created by Netflix, showing a shocking scene in which dozens are маж fall from the cliffs and They die due to warming in Russia.

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A man claims to be a "traveler of time" and predicts an accident for 2019

Video viral YouTube shows surprising statements of the alleged one "Time traveler". Disclosure that this topic, which says it is called "Noah", showed the Apex TV channel where it tells what will happen to people.

According to Luchbiank, the creator of this mysterious channel on YouTube, the alleged "traveler of time" brought with him some of the sheets he published from the libraries of the future, which reveal what will happen in 2019. Its predictions are thousands of users surprised by the great a change that would be on our planet Earth

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