YouTube: open huaynito "I'm Chihuán" (and you will dance) [VIDEO]


November 17, 2018 22:30.

A human singer Gaspar Córdova Córdova she was inspired by the phrase "I am Chihuán" and created a sticky little album that promises to dance to everyone he listens to.

The video posted on YouTube is played by Gaspar Cordova and the group 3 fronteras.

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"For all the companions of our music, I leave this new musical work entitled" I am chihuan with my third group of borders for contracts at 943636481. 969466088, "the artist wrote.

Huayno "I'm Chihuán" [Letra]

I will not go out now

I'm not going to dance

I'll just stay

because I'm Chihuan

There is no beer

with sugar cane

I gave him all his love

and I stayed chihuán

"Chihuán", "chihuán",

people tell me

"Chihuán", "chihuán"

I have no sun

"Chihuán", "chihuán"

there's my compadre

"Chihuán", "chihuán"

We are both

"Chihuán", "chihuán"

not for sip

"Chihuán", "chihuán"

what will we do?

chihuán & # 39;, & # 39; chihuán & # 39;

it's my destiny

"Chihuán", "chihuán"

I'll have one day


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