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Thousands games available for your mobile phone, but if you do not know which one to choose, we recommend the Windows classic. Here we share some of the most nostalgic parts of the operating system Microsoft.

Solitaire 95 for iOS and Android
Classic Classics Windows. A computer version of the popular card game was veto in offices to dissuade colleagues. So far, it's difficult to find a PC with a Windows operating system that has this option enabled in the work center. And there is nothing more pleasant than seeing the cards refuse at the end of a successful game.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iOS and Android
This Microsoft official official mobile compiler name for mobile includes not only the old version of Solitaire, but also its versions of FreeCell, Klondike, Spider and others are very fun. We assure you that you will spend good (and sometimes frustrating) moments that would try to complete each of your versions.

Minesweeper Q for iOS or Minesweeper Classic for Android
Excellent versions of Windows classic, which will provide you with countless hours of frustrating mine searches. Of the two versions, the Android pixelated gift is the perfection of the game, which includes faces that vary from happiness to bitterness according to our choices on board.

Hearts + for iOS and Android
With Hearts + you can enjoy card game with friends locally or with other players by increasing in online mode, in addition to challenging your computer to unlock more of your hidden achievements (a feature borrowed from modern games).

Mahjong! for iOS or Mahjong Titan for Android
These two games are highly recommended for those who want to enjoy the experience of mongolia, especially if they are looking for a challenge (or are tired of looking at the same background of their chips). The only bad thing is that you have to be with free advertising and advertising videos that appear unexpectedly.

Ink for iOS and Zen Pinball for iOS and Android
Inks are a wonderful pinball game for iOS that leaves great spots on the digital image where the ball strikes, while Zen Pinball is a classic pimp experience with thematic themes of famous franchises (Marvel, Star Wars, The Walking Dead to name a few), all available to buy.

Yeti Run for SkiFree for iOS or Chilly Snow for Android
A gift of the classic Windows game, in which skiers escape scrolling through a nasty snowman. Yeti Run for SkiFree captures the vibrating of the traditional title, even though you may be bored after a long gamble. Chilly Snow, on the other hand, looks much better, but suffers from the lack of charisma of the first.

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