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WHO Coronavirus: There is a “high probability” of new “more dangerous” versions of covid-19 | WORLD

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Emergency Committee World Health Organization (WHO) he noted on Thursday the “high probability” that there will be new versions coronavirus, which would be “more dangerous”.

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“The pandemic is far from over,” highlight the experts in charge of advising the Director-General of the WHO. “There’s a good chance they’ll come up with and download new worrisome versions that may be more dangerous and harder to control.” as those already registered, they added.

“The latest trends are exciting. Eighteen months after the declaration of the international public health emergency, we continue to flee the coronavirus”, The chairman of this committee, the Frenchman Didier Houssin, emphasized at the press conference.

So far it is WHO has a repertoire four versions that can be called distracting: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. The latter, first isolated in India, is spreading rapidly around the world and causing strong rebound in the pandemic because it is much more contagious than the others and shows slightly greater resistance to vaccines, although they continue to protect covid-19 in the most severe cases.

Houssin outlined two main recommendations: to advocate fair access to vaccines and not to take initiatives that are not scientifically based, such as the third dose, as proposed in particular by the Pfizer / BioNTech group.

It must “Continue to work tirelessly for equitable access and distribution of vaccines around the world, promote dose exchange, local production, the release of intellectual property rights, as well as technology transfer, increased production capacity and, of course, the necessary funding to achieve all this.”Houssin listed.

The WHO, NGOs and countries suffering from it have been condemning inequalities in access to vaccines for months. When the US or the European Union (EU) plans to vaccinate the vast majority of its population in the coming weeks, the most disadvantaged countries manage to protect only 1% of their population.

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