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France appears to be choosing two years after using it with dripping medicines for patients in a desperate state phages, those viruses from the sewer that can kill the most resistant bacteria.

That fagov, present in water, "They stick to bacteria and kill them from within". This is a weapon of "mass destruction of bacteria", says Professor Frédéric Laurent, head of the bacteriology department at the de la Croix-Rousse Hospital in Lyon (East-Central France), where AFP could have followed the exceptional processing of the phage.

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That viruses In 1917 they were discovered by French-Canadian Felix d & # 39; Hérelle, a colleague of the Pasteur Institute, after analyzes carried out in Ganges, where cholera disappeared in some places.

Although Western countries have left them with development antibioticsEastern European countries use them in traditional medicine, including in Georgia.

2019, milestone

Currently, France, the United States or Belgium are slowly joining the movement. Fage is a great hope for antibiotic-resistant infections, more and more frequent and In the future, the World Health Organization treats it as a global risk. Particularly with the aging of the population and the increasing use of hip and knee prosthesis (more than 200,000 per year in France).

"When you install prosthesis, there is a 1 to 2% risk of developing an infection, which increases in some patients to 30%," says Professor Tristan Ferry, a specialist for osteoarthritic infections at Croix-Rousse, a group for clinical research at phages.

Since 2016, the French National Safety Agency (ANSM) has adopted 20 medicines with these medicines fagov, which is used as the last option. Now, she wants to go even further because the organism is convinced that it is bacteriophages "are a possible alternative to an antibiotic that deserves to study".

"Now we have to do clinical trials "says Caroline Semaille, managing director anti-infective medicines ANSM.

ANSM is expecting provisional authorizations for use this year, the first phase before a marketing authorization. "Milestone", says Caroline Semaille.

"It's good news, but I hope (the powers) do not come with a drip," says Christophe Novou, founder of Fagos son fronter.

"I do not understand why it does not get faster, people ask fagov and they barely have time: they risk to die or amputate. What is lost if they try a fage?"this man asks, whose leg, which has been operating 49 times, has saved this virus.


Novou and his company help patients fagov in Georgia, a trip that costs at least 6,000 EUR (7,000 USD). But it warns that if phagoterapia it does not develop faster, and the parallel market is in danger of being created on the Internet.

This risk is even greater if we consider that a The most played phage can kill. "The production of high-quality bacteriophages is complex and expensive. Georgian phages are not used here because they are not sufficiently purified," Ferry said.

In France, the start of operations, Pherecydes Pharma, has been in place for ten years fagov capable of taking care of golden staphylococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and soon E.coli. In the United States, AmpliPhi Biosciences is introduced in this sector. But at the moment, no big labs did this, because Phages are not patentable, unlike antibiotics.

Other uses. T fagov They can be very useful: for diabetics, which sometimes need to be amputated, orrespiratory infections in patients with mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis).

And some dream this one day fagov prescribe for banal, urinary or gastrointestinal infections. However, it will be necessary to avoid falling into the same mistakes bacteria could also become phagore-resistant …

Source: AFP

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