This is a map of "vaccination" against measles


On November 8, a woman who arrived on Lima 639 reached an elevated body temperature above 38 degrees from Lima. After the necessary tests were carried out, the health authorities confirmed that they are measles.

To date, Seremi has confirmed that 183 contacts of the case were found among foreigners and tigers. The rest of the people are in contact.

They also stated that, after finding out their contacts, their vaccination status will be checked and vaccination will be required for various health centers, where coordination has been established as necessary.

While continuing to find people who have had contacts with the affected, there is another group of nods that need to be vigilant.

According to Seremi de Salud RM, Rosa Oyarce, "these are travelers who want to leave the country and who were born between 1971 and 1981, who also do not have the history of receiving two doses of vaccine at a later date, 12 months old."

The same measure applies to children who are traveling and are older than one year, including children under 7 who have only one dose to be vaccinated at least 2 weeks before the trip. Infants older than 6 months may also be inoculated, in accordance with the recommendation of Seremi de Salud.

Carlos PĂ©rez, an infectious disease specialist at the UC School of Medicine, said: "It is important that the vaccine should be given for 10 days before it travels to produce antibodies, otherwise it will not be protected."

He added that he should "get free reinforcement because he was given by the state".

Only Health Seremi RM has revealed that "in order to gain access to immunization, you must participate in any public or private vaccination with consent and provide some travel proofs, such as a ticket or other document, together with a medical order where necessary".

The same Seremi stated that there are higher risk sites (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) those places where it is advisable to travel with two doses of vaccine (usually the entire population receives it when they reach the age of 1 and the first elementary school system).

In America in 2018, a total of 11 countries have confirmed 8,717 cases so far, while in the last month 18 countries of the European Union (EU) have measles outbreaks.


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