Shaquille O'Neal and how he went from basketball to the leader of the NBA pizza chain | Atlanta USA | Stories


A popular chain of American pizzerias Father John, whose founder and president had to resign last year for racist remarks, signed the star of basketball Shaquille O & # 39; Neal for your management team.

Kentucky stated in a statement that O & # 39; Neal joined the board that had never had an African-American member and became an investment partner in nine of its restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia. brand

"I really enjoyed the quality of Papa John's products for years, and I am excited to be able to raise the bar in the game to new heights," said the former gamer. NBA, which wants to contribute to "building a better corporate culture" in the company.

Father John This went through trouble, since it was announced that his president, John Schnatter, used the word "niggers" in a conference call, which has a negative character in the United States. symbolizes the history of racial segregation in the country.

Following the resignation of Schnatter in the summer of 2018, the Forbes magazine report revealed a corporate culture of toxic menace, promoted by the founder of the company, who admitted to signing confidentiality agreements with two women, one of whom was charged with harassment. sexually

At that time, the chain tried to restore its image by moving away from Schnatter, a strategy that is now being formulated by a large number in a black community in the country, O & # 39; Neal, which has only its NBA in its curriculum, but with several companies in the catering sector.

The current president and CEO of Papa John Steve Ritchie, said, "Shaquille, in addition to his entrepreneurial ability, understands how to build lasting relationships with consumers and encourage employees."

The former player, born in Atlanta, where he has nine pizzerias in which he has invested, already has two restaurants in the country, Big Chicken and Shaquille, has a Krispy Kreme Donuts franchise and has in the past managed 27 of them. five hamburgers chain.

The world's third pizza chain Pope Johnson added five new directors to his board this year, four of which are independent, including Jocelyn Mangan, head of the sector and founder of the sector, who is working to integrate women into company dormitories .



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