Shadowbringers is the new Extension Final Fantasy XIV


Enix Square surprised yesterday with predictions Shadowbringers, a new enlargement Final Fantasy XIV. MMMORPG will also have the following content next year, as it will expand with the history associated with the imperial armies of Garlemalda.

The extension will tell you what happens with Warrior of Light shortly after the Fall of Scions. So you will know your own way to become Warrior Darness. With the extension, the limit will range from 70 to 80, the optimization of the combat system and more jobs.

The Enix Market has so far confirmed Blue Mage, which will come with patch 4.5. The character will be available to all owners Final Fantasy XIV: The Restored Kingdom who reached the level of 50 with the Master of War or Magic and have already finished the main story 2.0.

The Enix Market has ensured that Blue Mage will be the first "limited" part that will not be associated with any class. More details about the character will soon be published. In the meantime, I'll give you a show trailer for the extension and Blue Mage:

Shadowbringers It will also have new areas for exploration, such as The Rak 'Tika Greatwood and Amh Araeng. There will also be more dungeons, enemies, tribes, as well as various intrusions that will be published in the future.

The trust option will be enabled for characters that can not be played. This option, similar to v Final Fantasy XI, they will leave the players with an unmistakable character. As if this is not enough, the New Game Plus module will be implemented.

Square Enix warned players that MMORPG will no longer support Windows 32-bit operating systems. In addition, it will also include new data centers in North America and Europe. Here you can find all the news about the spread.

There will be more revelations Shadowbringers 2 February 2019, as part of Final Fantasy XIV Paris Fan Festival. The extension will be debut in the summer of next year. Find out more about MMORPG in this link.



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