San Isidro: Who is Junior Tarazona? The topic is being murdered today in the sauna on Dasso Street. | Lima | Police


Tonight, the alleged hitler ten times hit Junior Tarazona Acher, the nickname "Jota" when he was in a steam room of a sauna located in block one on Miguel Dasso Street in San Isidro.

Tarazona would enter the premises around 8.30. and a few minutes later the attack would have been carried out. According to the stories, a man escaped with a towel.

Who is Junior Tarazona Acher? He is syndicated as head of the mafia of drug and assassin traffickers in Callao, who was strangely released from prison on April 26, 2016, following a judge's decision.

One of the attacks attributed to this subject is an attack on Porsche's Accused Gerald Oropez, on 1 April 2015.

According to the prosecutor, "Jota" would order the killing of 13 people in connection with disputes over the control of shipments of cocaine shipments abroad via the Callao port.

When Tarazona Acher was captured in November 2015, police in Magdalena found long-term weapons, three bulletproof vests, ammunition and cocaine. Interniran was in prison, but five months later Judge Javier Gonzales Tasayco decided to appear before him in order to tackle a free trial.

The judge issued a favorable tariff decision on the last day, which was charged with the specialized criminal court 24 in Lima. He is an alternate judge who was in charge of only one month.


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