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River Plate vs. Cruzeiro: River Plate in the first round of the 16th round of the Copa Libertadores 2019 against Cruzeiro without a goal | Take a look at the summary and goals of River Plate vs Cruzeiro LIVE ONLINE LIVE FREE for Copa Libertadores 2019 | See football Total Sports World soccer


River Plate lost the opportunity to beat Cruzeiro when he lost the penalty to the attacker Matíasu Suárez after the sanction of the judge, supported by VAR. Copa Libertadores Final. The game played at Buenos Aires, where it was cold, had more options for the current tournament champion, who could not determine, although Chile's judge Julio Bascuñán set the maximum penalty after scoring. corner in which Henrique pulled Lucas Pratta out of his coat.

Therefore, the series will be set next week at the Mineirão stadium in Belo Horizonte, where Cruzeiro is almost an unbeatable team. River Plate was the most sought after in the first half and had the best chance of winning, but the lack of efficiency and good work of goalkeeper Fábia left an empty table.

After 24 minutes, Suárez connected to claim Fábia left the ball played by Ignacio Fernández, who could not determine with the frontal goal.

Three minutes later, Fernandez found Fábio's fingers, which contained a second shot in 31 minutes by Exequiel Palacios, who shot a monumental stadium, which was annoyed with an empty result.

The search for bands, especially for the right to attack, had a new opportunity in the 40th minute with the center for Matías Suárez, who came to unite Uruguay De la Cruz effortlessly and again found Fábia in a good position. .

On the side of the visit there was a response to the response, led by Pedro Rocha, Thiago Neves and Robinho, but did not disturb the international goalkeeper Franz Armani.

At the beginning of the second half, coach Mano Menezes decided that Robinho would enter Ariel Cabral to achieve a better balance in the middle.

After a few minutes, Cruzeiro had the best option with a vacuum passage from Marquinhos Gabriel, which he defined with quality, and then Judge Bascuñán, at the request of VAR, determined the advanced position of the Selbachs.

In order to win the match, coach Marcelo Gallardo chose Cristiano Ferreira and Lucas Pratta to supplement the list of changes, as Paraguayan defender Roberto Rojas had to replace injured winger Javier Pinolo in the first half of the year.

In the last section of the game, River was looking for a difference with a bigger push as a football idea, and in the 83ies, Lucas Pratt had a new unsuccessful opportunity.

In the end, the supporters of the river discussed two options that required two penalties through the VAR that Bascuñán, supported by his compatriot Piero Maza, found out they were not.

Two minutes from the end, Egídio entered the river area and squandered one of the cleanest possibilities of the visit with a shot above the cross. At the last minute of the extra, he pulled Henrique's coat on Pratt in the area and set a new VAR revision, this time Bascuñán marked the white spot. Suarez found himself in front of the goalkeeper.

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Look at this minute for a minute, for a circle of 16s Copa Libertadores, med River plate vs Cruzeiro from the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires, a match that will be played live through the transfer of FOX Sports in various parts of Latin America.

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Live Copa Libertadores: results of all round 16 matches

River plate in Cruzeiro Today, curtains of 16 circles are opened Copa Libertadores, where the current champion of the continental tournament reaches this commitment without reinforcing for his team, and without proper sales, Marcelo Gallardo puts it on the same base, which allowed him to add the fourth crown for the showcases of the institutions last year.

For this example Copa Libertadores, River plate In his work he made three changes to the income of youth defenders Elías López and Franco Paredes, as well as the advanced Canteran Benjamin Rollheiser.

For River plate, will be the second presentation of the season after a close victory with the penalty for gymnastics and Mendoza fencing to access the knockout stage of the Argentine Cup.

With regard to the first eleven, three changes to the refunds of the selected Franz Armani and Matías Suárez by Germán Lux and Rafael Santos Borrea, as well as the entry of Uruguayan Nicolas De la Cruz for the injured Leonard Ponzi.

On the other hand, however Cruzeiro he comes to Buenos Aires without the shooter Fred and the creative Thiago Neves. The World Cup, which was replaced in recent matches, presented a box of labyrinths on Sunday, before returning to the Argentine capital and refused by the medical staff of the Belo Horizonte team.

However, in the last training conducted on Sunday, Thiago Neves, who was also absent due to inconvenience in the last two matches, and which was reserved only for the clash before River plate In the Argentine capital, the medical staff were released and traveled to Buenos Aires.

With an emerging team in which only Argentine Ariel Cabral and Sassa attacked, who changed ownership during the season, Cruzeiro On Saturday, Salvador Bay scored the eleventh day of Serie A of the Brazilian Football Championship on Saturday.

Ante River plate The headlines led by the experienced goalkeeper Fabio, the Colombian side Luis Manuel Orejuela, the last defensive player Dedé, the Argentine midfielder Lucas Robero and the creators Robinho and Thiago Neves must return.

Possible layout of the Plate and Cruzeiro

River plate: Franco Armani, Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Fabrizio Angileri; Enzo Pérez, Ignacio Fernández, Nicolás De La Cruz, Exequiel Palacios; Julián Álvarez and Matías Suárez. Coach: Marcelo Gallardo.

Cruzeiro: Fabio; Luis Manuel Orejuela, Leo, Dedé, Egidio; Henrique, Lucas Romero, Robinho, Thiago Neves; Marquinhos Gabriel and Pedro Rocha. Coach: Mano Menezes.

Last clashes between the Plato and Cruzeiro

Cup Libertadores 1976 – finals:
Cruzeiro 4 River Plate 1
River Plate 2 Cruzeiro 1
Cruzeiro 3 River Plate 2

Super Cup 1991 – finals:
River Plate 2 Cruzeiro 0
Cruzeiro 3 River Plate 0

Super Cup 1992 – Quarterfinals:
Cruzeiro 2 River Plate 0
River Plate 2 (4) Cruzeiro 0 (5)

1998 Mercosur Cup – Quarterfinals:
River Plate 1 Cruzeiro 2
Cruzeiro 2 River Plate 0

Mercosur Cup of 1999 – Group stage:
Cruzeiro 2 River Plate 0
River Plate 0 Cruzeiro 3

Copa Libertadores 2015 – Quarterfinals:
River Plate 0 Cruzeiro 1
Cruzeiro 0 River Plate 3

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