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The end of the annual holiday season is approaching and many Colombians are already starting to organize their trips to find the time of rest or experiences in various tourist destinations.

First Viájala Barometer 2018, which was carried out with metasearchom flights and hotels, analyzed the behavior of the Latin American market, including the one in Colombia.

The report found this in our country The months in which most people are searching for flights and hotels are December and January, so it's the most expensive.

Baameter Viájala stressed that they are Colombians they pay up to 20% extra due to the lack of expectation in the purchase of their tickets.

Among the recommendations given in the document, it should be noted that Friday is usually the most expensive travel and tours days the cheapest.

If possible, it is important that you plan an international voyage for at least 75 days in advance and for internal flights 43 days in advance.

Compared to other Latin American countries, It's Colombia, according to Ecuador, the place where an international, less-anticipated trip is plannedconfirmed Viájal.

Thomas Allier, co-founder and CEO of Viájala, said that "if you plan a trip 90 days in advance, users can save up to 20 percent" compared to the date of the trip.

That is why Allier added to his recommendation that passengers are trying to organize their plans in mid-February, one of the cheapest months of the year (until September).

The third suggestion by co-founder Viájala is to travel from Tuesday to Tuesday. "These days prices are always cheaper. These are days of less demand and an opportunity to save from weekends," he said.


Destinations that have lowered their price

The methodology adopted by this company for the consolidation of statistical data on the destinations highlighted in the region was based on an algorithm that analyzed the number of searches carried out in the country along with the fluctuation of prices on the main routes and compared them with those results in 2017.

The period taken into account for the implementation of the barometer was between 2017 and 24 September of this year. The analyzed countries were: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

The research carried out is that the national destination in 2018 for Viájala, to which the algorithm specifically mentions, Pereira, as searches increased by 41 percent and its price difference on the year declined by 2.22 percent.

According to the Civil Aeronautics data, the number of users on the International Airport Metecaña (Pereira) increased by 13 percent in the year 2018. Reasons? According to Thomas Allier, Pereira was configured as a gateway to the coffee and The competition for airlines to open new routes has reduced prices.

After Pereira are Santa Marta and Cartagena. These destinations increased the price difference by 2.23 percent and 3.52 percent.

In the meantime, this report is an international target, highlighted for the barometer, Cancún (Mexico). The mentioned statistics show that the increase in the number of searches for this tourist destination increased by 77.7 percent and its price difference decreased by 5 percent.

In the first semester 2018, at least 307,343 Colombian tourists traveled to this place on Mexican territory, which he places as a sixth nationality, who most visited Cancun during this time.



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