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NASA: Asteroid 2010 PK9 will be on Friday, July 26, past Earth Science | Astronomy | World


NASA, through the Center for Objects Near the Earth (CNEOS, for the acronym in English), reports that a a new asteroid 2010 PK9, whose size reaches 260 radial meters, will be on Friday, July 26, near our planet.

This celestial body travels around 40,000 kilometers per hour and its approach to Earth will be at 15:04 GMT or at 10:04 am in the Peruvian time.

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According to NASA's asteroid research 2010 PK9 it will walk 7.4 million kilometers from Earth, which is 18 times more than the distance we have with the Moon. Scientists believe this is short and "potentially dangerous".

It's right now CNEOS which is responsible for monitoring. t a new asteroid. When they enter the "danger" phase, because they approach less than 0.05 astronomical units, the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Scientists studying the asteroid 2010 PK9 They confirmed that this is not a big threat to our planet. Any changes could be alarming.

This will not be a unique phenomenon. On July 26, 2059, this celestial body will reenter Earth, but about 2.6 million kilometers away.

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FT3 asteroid

NASA reported a few days ago that it was asteroid FT3 In October, he is in danger of moving away from orbit and hitting the Earth, so this wheel was about 55 billion kilograms.

The space agency says that the possibility of a collision of this asteroid is 1 to 11 billion.

After that date asteroid FT3 It will begin to hit Earth on October 2, 2024, October 3, 2025, and October 2, 2029. t

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