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Mansa will organize the national Vacunatón



Today and tomorrow, regions that have not reached the 100% coverage target in the National Vaccination against measles, rubella and childhood paralysis are the part of Vacunatón as the last effort to immunize children under the age of 11 who have not yet received the vaccine. .

According to the Ministry of Health (Mins), four million 289,274 children have been immunized so far; 721,457 children should be vaccinated throughout the country.

The director of the Directorate for Immunization of the Directorate-General for Strategic Public Health in the Ministry of Public Health, Maria Elena Martinez, said that 19 regions of the country will develop activities for immunization of the missing population in their markets, markets and main parks.

"By Monday, they will continue the strategy house for the house, vaccination in medical institutions and schools," he explained.

On the other hand, Ucayali, San Martin, Puno, Pasco, Lima, Apurímac and Amazonas, regions that have reached 100% coverage, will take action to close and close the campaign.

"This weekend, a vaccination party will take place across the country. This will be the culmination of the great effort of healthcare professionals to protect the population from these infectious viruses, which can lead to blindness, permanent disability, pneumonia and even death," the official said.


According to the Mines, there will be 721,457 children still to be vaccinated without defense against the likely entry into any case during the celebration of the Panama Games of Lima 2019.

"As a country, our mission is to ensure the health of the population, so our staff has made a marathon since last June," said Martinez.

He added that the Minsahan nurses climbed the hills, crossed rivers and suffered attacks, but did not stop them.

"The only goal was to continue vaccination in order to protect the most unprotected population. So we thank them for the tremendous endeavor and dedication of our children, "he said.


According to the latest epidemiological report of the PAHO / WHO (Pan American Health Organization), from 1 January to 18 June this year, 1,722 confirmed measles cases were recorded in 13 Latin American countries.

These countries include Argentina (five cases), Bahamas (one case), Brazil (122), Canada (65), Chile (4), Colombia (125), Costa Rica (10), Cuba (1), United States 1,044), Mexico (2), Peru (2), Uruguay (9) and Venezuela (332 cases).

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