Intervene in foreign and Peruvian clubs in Trujillo TRUJILLO | Industry


In the operation that is running under the. T night club "Coffee with legs", located in Miraflores' urbanizationFive Venezuelans and seven Peruvians were sent to Trujillo. In addition, three men and a woman were arrested in the nightclub.

They're detainees Domingo Alberto Anderson Tortoza (34), Marco David More Fernández (32), José Gregorio Galindo (26) and Kiara Estepany Campos Yshuiza (28) who work as a guard, a waiter and cashier.

During the operation, one of the girls stated that they were working as followers and waiting for occasional clients to offer sexual services. Agents Department of Trafficking in Human Beings The operation was carried out by representatives of the state prosecutor's office.

During the intervention, three control books were seized from the sale of alcoholic beverages and tickets. In addition, some women were assigned to sell beverages ordered by parishioners.


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