"I am": the owner of Don Chezine puts the jury in the dance VIDEO Economy | TV | Television


Season 22 of the program "I am", imitator Don Chezina surprised the jury of the program with its image to the singer and producer of reggaetone.

Participant Jamib Alalú listened to two successes, finally convinced Maricarmen Marin, who initially expressed doubts about his interpretation.

In the rhythms "Chezidon" and "Tra-tra-tra", the imitatione managed to set up a jury "I am" and go to the next round of the program.

Katia Palma said that although she is not a fan Don Chezina, he has a talent participant as an imitator. Magdyel Ugaz and Maricarmen Marín agreed with what the actress said and gave her a favorable voice.

It should be noted that the participant has been replicating urban genres for eight years Don Chezina and that he even sang with him again.



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