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How many millions of pesos will Huawei return to customers for the promotion of Gold Cup?


Although many thought that the promotion of Huawei, which supports Mexico in the Gold Cup and the promotion of its products for the people they buy, was the result of Trump's veto on the company, Huawei Mexico confirmed that they actually planned campaigns that respected Guidelines for promotion if you came from Mexico.

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The history we already know was the Mexican champion Gold Cup and a few hours after the event, Huawei announced that it would reimburse the cost of equipment purchased from customers following the promotion guidelines.

This means that customers who bought a Huawei P30, P30 Pro, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Media Pad M5 or Mate Book D In the official shops of the company, or in its official trade in Mercado Libre between 10 June and 6 July you can claim a refund.

According to the expansion media, sources close to the company have revealed that Huawei is returns about 100 million pesos to all customers who are entitled to reimbursement for their products.

When will Huawel return this money?

Customers who have been involved and who can claim a refund in accordance with the promotion guidelines may request this until August 7, as the Chinese company began to repay the money since July 8th.

Although the amount of money that we are talking about is large when comparing it with the company's annual worldwide profits, it does not appear that this is something that could be considered serious, as the company reported only annual revenues for the year 2018 92.5 billion dollars, which would be almost 2 billion pesos.

PEKING, CHINA – MAY 30: On May 30, 2019, Pedestrian walked past Beijing Huawei outside Beijing. (Photo: VCG / VCG via Getty Images)


Huawei also explains that this is a company that is committed to its customers in Mexico, and therefore strives to build trust and loyalty to the brand with all those who have bought a promotion team and probably also to those who do not. They also created trust among the products of the Chinese company.

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