Friday , October 22 2021

He ordered a hamburger and served with his teeth


Japan. – Go to the restaurant that they want to enjoy a delicious hamburger and omg, you get an unpleasant surprise, because when you try, you find yourself with pieces of broken human teeth, which measures between four and eight millimeters.

Diner noticed the disgusting situation when I wanted to eat his hamburger, when he suddenly sensed that he had some strange pieces, so he decided to return it.

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The sanitary service received an official report from the central office of a hamburger restaurant in Japan, which in this chain of restaurants said that it had searched both a Japanese factory in Aichi Prefecture where it was rolling in another headquarters in the United States.

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Although he could not figure out how these tooth cuts ended with one of his orders, a representative of this company in Japan said they would work hard to be able to use the products that their customers could enjoy.

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