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Exceptional sound quality and efficient noise cancellation bring the Galaxy Buds Pro to a professional level

Lima. – Wireless headphones have become essential wearable devices that can improve daily routines. This wearable equipment is equipped with state-of-the-art software and hardware with an audio solution all in one which will offer you an optimal sound experience no matter where you are.

The Galaxy Buds series recently unveiled the powerful Galaxy Buds Pro, offering a new standard for wireless headphones. With cleaner call quality, efficient noise cancellation and a comfortable ergonomic design, the Galaxy Buds Pro will bring you closer to perfect sound than ever before. At Samsung, we were wondering what would happen when an audio expert tested the Galaxy Buds Pro, so Sung Yonjin, the editor-in-chief, High-Fi Magazine, gives us your opinion on these wearable devices.

Capture sound texture for clearer sound quality

The most important feature of headphones will always be their sound quality. With dynamic vocal range and smooth, organic balance of natural sound in all genres. This is without a doubt the biggest advantage of the Galaxy Buds Pro, clean and clear sound.

These headphones really emit deep sounds that are perfect for songs with strong bass. The mid-range sounds are warm and rich, and the high-pitched sounds have striking detail and opening. When the Galaxy Buds Pro really shines, it captures clear voices, such as the texture of violins, without losing the details of its warmth.

The Galaxy Buds Pro also has a great ability to recreate surround sound. In the case of classical music, they recreate the sound of deep brass instruments and the voice of the choir, while capturing the feeling of listening to music in a concert hall. At the same time, it turns out that he can encounter the smallest details of the show with clarity.

Dual concentric drivers also play an important role in providing a feel for the Galaxy Buds Pro space. The headset is equipped with a two-way driver consisting of tweeter 6.5 mm and 11 mm subwoofer. Samsung has developed a two-way controller all in one what it sets tweeter to the center of Ljubljana subwoofer, improving sound efficiency and raising quality to a new level. The Galaxy Buds Pro proves that wireless headphones can emit clear and crisp studio-like sound.

Active Noise Canceling: You can only hear the sounds you want

The Galaxy Buds Pro is equipped with features that help ensure an exceptional sound experience, and perhaps the most notable is Active Noise Cancellation.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is a feature that high-performance wireless headphones should have, especially good active noise cancellation, as it allows you to focus on the sound you want without you feeling like you simply have your ears plugged.

The natural noise cancellation of the Galaxy Buds Pro is reflected in the low tone. This feature is ideal for eliminating unwanted sounds by creating sound waves that have the same wavelength as external noise but move in the opposite direction. While other headphones typically focus on mid- and low-band noise cancellation, the Galaxy Buds Pro covers a wider range and eliminates unwanted sounds even in tweeters. At 118Hz, 99% of the noise is removed and the sound remains clear.

Intelligent call detection and better call quality

We all went through that awkward moment of taking off our headphones and interrupting the music to talk to someone. Galaxy Buds Pro has a unique approach to solving this big problem. Equipped with a conversation detection feature, it automatically activates external sound by recognizing your voice when you start speaking, allowing you to communicate with people even when your music is playing. If the Galaxy Buds Pro detects that you haven’t spoken for a while, it assumes your conversation is over and returns to active noise cancellation. It will even allow you to adjust the external volume, so you can amplify small sounds up to a maximum of 20 dB if necessary.

There is also a noticeable improvement in call quality. The Galaxy Buds Pro works with three microphones, including a high-sensitivity microphone and a voice capture unit. When used indoors, they match the quality of the speaker and microphone on a smartphone, and in louder environments such as subways and buses, it is still possible to call cleanly and clearly without a drop in quality. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds Pro’s windshield and mesh covers also prevent the wind from interrupting your calls, allowing you to talk worry-free even in bad weather.

360 Audio and Game Mode: Outstanding viewing and optimal gaming experience

Working on headphones has become more complicated in recent years. Users demand more than crystal clear call quality and the best music experience, as they are also looking for better sound for games and movies. The Galaxy Buds Pro is uniquely equipped to meet these requirements with a game mode that reduces the lag time often felt when using Bluetooth devices, so the gaming screen and sound stay perfectly aligned. Features like Sound Play separate the Galaxy Buds Pro when it comes to live gaming situations where accurate real-time sound is key to the experience.

The 360 ​​Audio feature also adds a feel when watching movies and other videos. Technology monitors the movement of your head by fine-tuning the sound in the virtual landscape. This ensures that the sound stays focused and precise and that you can stay immersed in the experience even while moving.

With its comfortable fit, best-in-class sound quality, unique design and long list of features, the Galaxy Buds Pro is the perfect companion for those who want to delve into the sound experience from anywhere, anytime. For information on these devices go to

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