Claudio Pizarro: Bambi Award 2018 Chooses Former Front of Peruvian National Team as Glorious Person in Germany │ VIDEO


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In Berlin, the current multinational star Werder Bremen has received a prestigious media award at the age of 40 mythological Paul Breitner, world champion in 1974. Although accompanied by only two friends Bayern Munich: Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben. But it does not matter, because Bambi "EL BAMBI" Peruvian said: "This is an unforgettable confession; in my head is only one word: thank you!" The Peruvian soccer player in the Bundesliga said he came to gala with his son Claudio Jr., before more than 1000 viewers.

Claudio Pizarro has another trophy in the Cup of Success. But this time he won quite a few times this time with an elegant dress instead of a classic soccer sock. V Bambi gala in Berlin, forward from Werder Bremen he was bathed with warm words and great respect. World champion in 1974, Paul Breitner, gave two words for "the most successful foreigner in the history of the Bundesliga". Who is now playing his twentieth season and "in each of them he has achieved his goals."

The word Paul Breitner He was above love, as he was an obvious admirer of the game, proven by Claudio Pizarro for a long season"However, the specialty of Pizarro is that he was by far the most popular player in Bayern in recent decades, celebrated and promoted by his biggest opponents of Bayern Munich."

With her Claudio Pizarro He was honest and explained that his words were not ready before the eventual prize: "I was thinking about what to say on the road and it's just in the head: thanks, I can say thank you, everyone says that I always laugh, When we lose game, I'm angry and in a bad mood, then my family is there for me. "Now, the current coach is" El Bomber de los Andes ", Florian Kuhfeldt, who broke the hymn of his current disciple.

"He belongs to this series, he is not a player who is" looking for a competitor's error ", of course he plays well and this brings him to Claudio Pizarro has done crazy things for over 20 years and I remember that in 2015, when he confirmed that returned Werder Bremen was here in the city as Michael Jackson, I think it is the same with my analysis of Gladbach: whoever wins is right. "


Claudio Pizarro joins the list of mythical characters like Bill Gates, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.


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