Alexander Zverev: defeated Roger Federer, people have killed him, and England replied | London


German Alexander Zverev after receiving a loud boo of apology to the public O2 after defeating the Swiss Roger Federer and warned that "everyone wants Federer everywhere because he deserves it."

"The player of the ball dropped the ball in the middle of the exchange, then ran for it, without thinking, I stopped the point, I said that this is" let go ", these are the rules," Zverev said to explain what happened and what caused the reaction of the assistants.

"The public did not notice, then it disturbed me a bit (behavior), and in the end, I felt a bit sad with the earthquake and this reaction, they might not have known what really happened," he said.

"But in the end, I asked Roger to forgive me." He said, "Listen, you do not have to apologize at all. It's all part of the game. It happens," said Hamburg.

"Obviously, there are many lovers of Roger and deserve to have them all over the world, that he is the best player of all time, also one of the best players in the tennis court," he said.

"I think that anywhere in the world that plays Roger, unless I can play against him in Germany, want him, he has, as I said, the most fans around the world, as he should be, because he is the best player of all time, like I said, he is also one of the best people of all time, "said the German.

"Yes, I played very well, I played very aggressively from start to finish," he said of the game. "I knew that I should be the one who will do it without letting Roger dictate the game, if not, you do not have the chance to win, I knew from start to finish," he said.

"I played well, I won many victories and I also served well, in general, I am happy with what I have played," said the successor to Boris Becker, the last German tournament that finished the season for 15 years EFE

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