Alan García: Mauricio Mulder confirms that the exit's barrier to the former president is due to fear of media aversion | Politics


Congressman Apra, Mauricio Mulder, uttered an obstacle to the country's exit towards Alan Garcia. Parliament considered that judges failed in fiscal demands for fear of "media landslide".

For the RPP, Mulder also said that "the rule of law is falling further."

"The judges, everything they do, agree with what the applicants ask. They fear the media landslide, which always falls if they do not work, which imposes a unique idea of" mediatocracy, "he said. Mauricio Mulder.

Parliament stated this Alan Garcia "He always faces" when he has arrived in the country due to a request to prevent him from exiting against him, required by the public ministry. He confirmed that the former president "fully knew" about the situation and insisted that "he never stopped attending at any call of the prosecutor's office".

This also applies to the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez there may be elements that require a preventive reservation against Apriste leader, but in a party, "this is not an issue on which the arguments are valid".

Mauricio Mulder stated that "it is a media war". He noted that "it was obvious that he would not see the second result" in relation to an exit barrier "and this will be in the future".

As you recall, Public Ministry Investigates Alan Garcio for the bribes Odebrecht for the work of the 1st line of Metro Lima. The disclosure of IDL journalists also showed that the former president of Caja 2, a Brazilian company, received hundreds of thousands of dollars for the conference, in which he participated in 2012.


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