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Tønsbergs Blad – Google will check the leak from smart speakers


Technologically, the giant acknowledges the failure of the conversations that had taken place in Dutch that came to the Belgian television channel VRT.

According to Google, leakage came from a subcontractor who was hired to repair the Google Assistant voice management system in Dutch.

On Wednesday, VRT revealed how Google employees can listen to parts of conversations that people have with smart home speakers, even in cases where they do not speak directly to the speaker.

In connection with the disclosure, the television channel has gained access to thousands of smartphones.


It appears that leakage comes from one of the language experts Google uses to fine-tune their algorithms.

– We have just learned that one of these language reviewers has violated our data security rules by transmitting confidential audio recordings in Dutch, writes David Monsees, the product leader in the blog.

It points out that Google's assistant only sends sound to Google when it contacts it, for example, saying "Hey Google".

Wrong approval

– Rarely, the products in which Google's helper is built will experience what we call "false acceptance."

This means that there were some noise or noise in the background, which our software mistakenly understood as a password (such as "Ok Google"), it says.

Google is striving to avoid this.

Nevertheless, VRT could detect 153 shots that you should never have done, because the "Okay Google" command was not clearly specified.

Prior to this, Amazon's privacy activists, who also produce smart speakers, have accused him of storing conversations with children on the Echo Kids loudspeaker. Amazon has stated that they follow federal laws.

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