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The citizenship of the convicted Krekar can be canceled


CITIZENSHIP: A man who was convicted on the same terrorist case as Mulla Krekar, received a Norwegian citizenship during a terrorist attack in Italy. Here is Krekar at a prison meeting at the District Court in Oslo on Wednesday last week. Photo: Kyrre Lien / VG

The Immigration Directorate (UDI) states in its report that there may be reasons for the withdrawal of Norwegian citizenship by a man convicted of planning terrorism along with Mullo Krekar.

It was Thursday last week that the NRK reported that a man in his 40s residing in Buskerud, convicted of planning terrorism in Italy, along with Mullo Krekar last week, issued his Norwegian passport in July last year.

At that time, he was already in the center of attention of the Italian police and for many years he was suspected of terrorist planning.

The Immigration Directorate (UDI) is now ready to report on the matter in question.

To sum up, the UDI considers that there are no data in the case to indicate that the UDI knew that the complainant was under investigation in Italy for terrorism.

Since a person was granted Norwegian citizenship because of incorrect and incomplete information, the UDI in a press release writes that there may be reasons for withdrawing citizenship.

"In this case, the complainant did not state that he was in the investigation for a criminal offense abroad, nor did he fulfill a separate form about it. On the application form for Norwegian citizenship since 2017, he confirmed that he was not punished or charged with a criminal offense abroad ", reads the UDI in a press release, adding:

"The UDI will therefore determine the case concerning the annulment of Norwegian nationality in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 26 of the National Law on Citizens."

Sanner opens citizenship

UDI will present a report at the request of the Minister of Knowledge and Integration Jan Tore Sanner (H), who asked the Directorate to explain the case in question and which criteria are commonly used in the examination of applications for citizenship.

"Minister of Knowledge and Integration Jan Tore Sanner (H) received an UDI account today in connection with one of the co-authorizations Mulle Krekar, who received Norwegian citizenship at the same time as the terrorist attack in Italy. Sanner now changes the instructions in the UDI so that they can withdraw citizenship, if the basic national interests indicate, "the Ministry of Education said in a press release.

The ministry will, together with the UDI, examine whether the routine for examining applications for citizenship should be extended with several criteria, Sanner said in a press release.

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BA REPORT: Minister for Knowledge and Integration Jan Tore Sanner (H). Photo: Cicilie S. Andersen / VG

Two Norwegian citizens terrorized

Since a man in his 40s is a Norwegian citizen, he can not be extradited to Italy, although he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

In addition to the man living in Buskerud, another man, 40 years old living in Østfold, is sentenced to nine years in prison for terrorist planning. He came to Norway in 1999 and received Norwegian citizenship six years ago. Before he was associated with a terrorist case in Italy.

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The police security service (PST) previously stated that they did not see the reason for the arrest of two Norwegian citizens after being convicted in Italy – despite the fact that both were internationally desirable.

However, the security service is reporting to the PRC not to exclude criminal charges against two Norwegian nationals.

– The Italian authorities are investigating and correcting the case. However, it may be important that cases against a person or persons who have Norwegian citizenship later have a lawyer in PST, Thomas Blom, for the PRC.

In the spring of 2017, the court, which was attacked by Norwegian citizens and Mullo Krekar, was judged in Italy, more than a year before the man was given Norwegian citizenship in the 1940s.

The procedure was postponed several times, but the man was all accused.

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