The boss moved away when Krogh hit back


Finn Hågen Krogh claimed that "a hundred kilograms fell from his shoulders" his sixth place on the Sprint in Beitostølen on Saturday.

Finnmarkingen went to the final point and proved that after the winter season he returned in winter. To finish the last six finals in Beitostolen, it meant little. Even more important was the confirmation that the body is playing again in teams.

Sprintland's coach Arild Monsen was one of the most important circles in the circle. The sixth place called "a special feeling".

– Very good trip. Fantastic. Perhaps I'm most happy all day long. It was incredibly delicious that he returned today. Nearly today's victory, Monsen told NTB.

Far from expectations

At the same time, I would not go into detail in the return service in Krogh.

"It was a process, I do not want to say anything more than that. It was easier and easier, and better and better, he laughed at the Sprintland coach.

He smiled a lot and, of course, he also became the main character. The sixth significance was stated as follows:

"It's a hundred kilograms of shoulders, it's totally crazy tasty. Our life is about getting skiing fast, and when you go through the whole season, it's hardly psychic.

The 28-year-old coach has over-trained the previous season. He did not tolerate the body. The results were not successful, the 18th place on 15 kilometers free at the Olympic Games was far from expecting. Krogh also uses the word "run out" of the situation on which he ended up.

"I miss the last gear because I was running out, so I decided to have a good vacation for nearly two months, where I practiced very, very little. I was ill and in bad shape when we started training in May," Finnmark said.

Roser Monsen

When he continued his training, he had to pay attention to his body. It was important that it be carefully set up.

"Then I trained less than usual at that time of the year because I was in such a bad shape, so I was always looking for a shape," said Krogh.

Only in September was it a 28-year-old, called regular training. Incoming doors were ideal until now.

"Before that weekend, I was very uncertain, so it was incredibly tasty to get confirmation that I did everything right," said Krogh, and he is very thankful to coach Monsen.

"We always had good cooperation. It is very good to me and it allows me to do what I think is the best. We started a little in May and since then they built me. I always felt that I had Arild in my back and that he has faith in me. That means a lot for the safety of an athlete, said Finnmarkingen.

On Sunday he led a 15-kilometer freestyle in Beitostolen.

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