Romerike Leaf – Swine flu has become commonplace


– Fluenza A (H1N1) of 2009 has become a regular seasonal flu that regularly circulates. Thus, after the pandemic, the virus continued to circulate, "says consultant Birgitte Klüwer in the flu department at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

When the pandemic erupted, the infection was associated with serious illnesses and the worst fatalities for some in some groups between us. Almost people crossed the man's house to vaccinate to limit the outbreak.

The reason why no one talks much about the serious risk of swine flu infection is that the virus is still coming to visit. Some have been resistant because they were previously exposed to the virus.

"The body is learning to defend against individual viruses," says Klüwer.

This year's vaccine for the risk groups contains ingredients of two types of A-flu and one B-influenza, and A (H1N1) is one of these.


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