Princess Märtha Louise: – – I can not be at Tinder


In August of 2016, news came that princess Märtha Louise (47) and Ari Behn (46) became their own couple after 14 years.

While Ari has since found happiness with her girlfriend Ebbo Rysst Heilmann, Märtha Louise apparently had the status of a single person.

Recently, Princess Else Kåss visited Furuseth's podcast "Unfiltered". In the podcast, the lecturer touches several informal topics and, as the title says, the questions are quite direct.

Among other things, the princess is confronted with questions about life itself.

– He can not be with Tinder

In a talk of a tiring day with three children and a career that Kåss Furuseth used:

– Do you have time to-day, or can not you ask him?, asks Kossa Furuseth for the princess in the podcast.

– No, it's not allowed to ask, Märtha answers the question.

However, the host did not give up the topic completely, despite numerous indecisive replies and repeated laughs on the go.

Among other things, Else Kåss Furuseth will know if the handicap is a royal one, if you are single – or if it can, for example, be in Tinder.

– No, I can not, says the princess. Regardless of whether it is its royal address, personal preferences or a combination of these, listeners do not get to know it.

This is not the first time that Märtha Louise gets questions about marital status and Tynd.

When she visited "Senkveld with Helena and Stian" in February, she was asked if she was single and why she may not have a separate Tinder profile. With lightweight Märtho Louise, who laughed on the couch, the hostess "helped" the princess to create a false profile on her behalf.

DATING: There will be a lot of laughter in the Senkveld studio when Märtha Louise and Lilli Bendriss get questions about dating and Tinder.
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In the fresh podcast with Kåss Furuseth, the princess asks if she believes her royal title is an obstacle to leaving.

– I do not know, maybe a little? Princess answers.

Nevertheless, she adds that it is not so unusual that people have preconceived opinions since she was in the public eye since birth.

ON IDRETTSGALLAEN: Princess Märtha Louise arrives at the sports gala in Stavanger in January. Photo: NTB Scanpix
NA IDRETTSGALLA: Princess Märtha Louise comes in January in Stavanger. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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She also adds that her "inner" is most implying to her potential lover.

– For me, their heart is the most important to me as a person. Not exactly what they look like, he says.

I want to find love

In an interview with Dagbladet Magasinet, Märtha Louise said earlier about the break with Ari – and about life itself.

Here she frankly said that she wanted to find love again.

– I hope I find love again. I do not want to be alone for the rest of my life. But now I must admit that I think it's pretty tasty, she said.

She also said that the relationship with the former husband is as good as it can, even though she "must swallow camels every day".

– When we see, we managed to make it very nice. This is important for children. I'm still a great friend of Arya's family and my good friend. Luckily it's all very good. We are fine when we are together, she said.

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