Made up for a Google experiment among consumer credit banks


"The practice of the Norwegian bank is to exploit smaller players in the market by purchasing our and other brands online. It is unfair." If you are large and strong, you should also be friendly – and this is not a Norwegian bank, says Bent Gjendem, Managing Director Monobanka at DN.

The dispute is whether the Bank of Norway violates the marketing law when the bank bought the names of Ikano Bank, Monobank and Komplett Bank as keywords on Google.

DN writes that last year Norwegian Bank criticized the Competition Committee of the company, who considered that the bank acted unfairly and blamed the efforts of others by purchasing its brand as keywords for Bank Norwegian.

Kai-Morten Terning, Head of Communications and Citizens' Contact at Bank Norwegian, tells DN that the Norwegian bank is good that the case is in court.

"This is an important principle that the Norwegian courts have not yet respected. We firmly disagree with the statement of the Committee on Industrial Competition, which we believe has gone a long way in protecting our competitors, instead of protecting consumers and free competition," said Terning.


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