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Laura Alicia Summers – – She survived just over five million on plastic surgery


It's not unknown that several people came under the knife to repair their appearance. On the land, top bloggers Sophie Elise (24) and Isabel Raad (25) admit they have repaired their body.

However, not all are so exhaustive when it comes to how many times you choose to sit on the operating table.

Reality profile Laura Alicia Summers, best known from the British edition of Ex on the beach, reveals Manchester evening that she spent a lot of money for her appearance, more than £ 500,000, which is about $ 5.7 million. .

No plans to stop

Summers, originally from Manchester, has fallen 50 times under the knife for the past 17 years, he says. This includes three buttocks, eight chest surgeries, and seven nose surgeries. As if this is not enough, it does not intend to stop mediation in the near future.

– Plastic surgery is similar to doping. You become addicted, but in a good way hardens and continues:

"It's not for everyone, but it has improved my life in many ways," Manchester night said.

The summer was completely honest about her plastic interventions, and on Instagram she shared photos several times before and after her with more than 100,000 followers.

In one of the pictures, the # 10 years of the trend that threw people into the challenge then challenged people to share their picture from ten years ago in the past and compare it with today's question.

Summer changes are nothing more than scary.

– Not for everyone, but for my life, my body and my choices. I am not one of those who think that I am natural, but I am always open and honest about all operations, because it is not only fun and gamma, but something that has been written in the picture.

– I do not regard myself as an example, but I like to inspire others to do what they want, with their bodies and be those who want to be. They live too much in fear of being accepted by others. She puts my heart on, she continued.

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Hard childhood

In addition, the real profile shows that the reason for deciding to act is the cause of intimidation in childhood.

According to Summers, she had a hard time educating her and saying that at some point she was so bad that she ended up in hospital as a 13-year-old because she was attacked by five other children.

The attack was caused by a broken nose, broken ribs and an oblique jaw. Parents in the real profile decided to take her accidentally from school and described bullying as a starting point for plastic interventions.

– I had a hard time at school. People said I was ugly to be too heavy and wearing glasses. All I wanted was look like Barbie, says the interview, and added that she always had a great dream to become a model for Victoria's Secret.

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You've noticed

Summers says she began to save on her first breast surgery as a 15-year-old. The first operation was carried out when she was 18 years old.

The reality profile even thinks that life has turned into a positive one after having operated.

Despite being satisfied with her interventions, she admits that all operations were not so painless.

After the first operation of the breast, complications occurred and then she had to remove the silicone and then carry out two new breast surgeries.

In the interview, the real profile emphasizes that it does not want to promote plastic surgery.

It encourages her to stop

However, Summers is not the only star of reality that has been tempted to correct its appearance, but sometimes it may be too far. She received Charlotte Crosby (29), known from the MTV series "Geordie Shore", which she experienced when her appearance shocked fans.

In April, fans were very worried when they shared a post on Instagram, which was later deleted, with more than six million followers.

SHOCKED FANS: The images of the star of reality have encouraged fans to stop her intervention and injections. Photo: NTB Scanpix
SHOCKED FANS: The images of the star with reality encouraged fans to stop it from mediating and injecting. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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The 28-year-old shared an image on his way to Brazil with his boyfriend Joshuo Ritchie from the luxury first class airplane. The post was almost overwhelmed by the comments of the fans who asked Crosby to stop the operation.

Comments like: "Poor girl, is this an allergic reaction?" And: "We should stop the plastic surgery, botox and fillings a long time ago", it should be consistent throughout the comment.

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