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Lady Gaga – Unknown images excite fans

Today there are few who do not know who Lady Gaga is (32). The career of a popular artist went away when she produced the song "Just Dance" in 2008, and is currently in the big movie "Star is Born", where she plays with Bradley Cooper (44).

Although Emmy and Grammy have repeatedly won for her music, she can now also be called a rewarded actor and expects to be able to tolerate a crippled Oscars for her role in the movie "Star is Born".

Unknown images

Nonetheless, many would argue that she is almost as famous for her style as for music and acting skills.

There are a few who changed the style as many as a pop icon, but in 2010 she always entered the fashion history when she was wearing the MTV Video Music Awards.

In short, Gaga is difficult to recognize when you see her.

On the other hand, there are probably not many who recognize the star of the photos recently published by Daily Mail.

In the paintings of 1999, taken from the school yearbook of the school, Convent of the Sacred Heart, the star is practically unrecognizable.

The 13-year-old Gaga, formerly known as Stefani, had dark brown hair, which contrasts with platinum lace, which many have used.

Before the 32-year-old from New York became known as Lady Gaga, she was an ordinary little girl named Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta. The pictures taken nearly twenty years ago show happy Stefani and her classmates when she was in the 7th grade.

– Thank you very much for trusting me

After the release of the new big movie "Star is born", the artist repeatedly thanked his opponent Bradley Cooper for changing his life.

Cooper is a film director, screenwriter, producer and lead actor.

SHELTER: Lady Gaga praised her opponent Bradley Cooper for his efforts in
shelves: Lady Gaga greeted her opponent Bradley Cooper for her efforts in the film "Star was born" several times after the film was released, and both of them gained a close relationship. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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Earlier this month, Gaga was awarded the Best Female Actress Award at the National Assessment Committee, and did not scream at her 13-minute grateful speech on the praise of her male counterpart.

I was not here if it was not for you, Bradley. Thank you very much for trusting me to be the first leading woman in your immediate first performance. It was a great honor, she said from the scene before she continued:

– Thank you very much for trusting me. Thank you for being the director, visionary, adversary and friend you have been.

Mental disorders

In 2016, Lady Gaga showed for the first time that she was living with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In connection with the visit to the Center for adolescents with homeless people in the LGBT environment, disclosure occurred.

According to Guardian, the meeting with the youth was recorded and broadcast on American television.

– I told the young people that I have a serious mental illness. I'm suffering from PTSD. I never told anyone about this, but the support of doctors, my family and friends saved my life, she says.

Two years earlier, an artist in a radio interview with Howard Stern revealed frankly that she was sexually abused when she was 19 years old.

The user was 20 years older than Gaga and is still struggling to cope with the bad thoughts associated with the incident.

"I live with a mental disorder and I fight every day," said Gaga, who wants other people with a similar trauma to show that it is still possible to live a good and normal life.

He's dealing with a 50-year-old

Despite life, marked by poisoning, violence, an attack and identity crisis, it seems that life now seems to be smiling for both the private and the professional people.

In 2017 there was news that she met her new flame, Christian Carino (50), and last year she could reveal that the couple is engaged. Carino is a renowned name in the entertainment industry and works for the CAA recognized agency in Los Angeles.

In addition to Gage, Hollywood stars include Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Zac Efron and Demi Lovato.

– Nothing is more isolating than glorious. It's hard for me, because people love me so much that it's hard to understand them in a genuine and honest way. Do they want anything from me, or they see me as something I did not, she said, after E! News.

PROPOSED: Last year, the couple, who together since 2017, reveal that they are involved and are rarely afraid to show public feelings. Photo: NTB Scanpix
deal: Last year, the couple, who together since 2017, reveal that they are involved and are rarely afraid to show public feelings. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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Consequently, in recent years she has been very private about her life and has given very little interviews, especially about her love life.

At the beginning of the relationship with Customs, she only opened her love for him since the stage. The 32-year-old told her during a concert that she was "in love" and at the same time revealed that she felt very confident in the Carina company.

"The best thing about love is that you have a person you can support in difficult times," she told the scene.

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