It ends in Seat after only 16 months: – Now it's more focused on selling


Then, for auto-importer Harald A. Møller, he had been marketing manager for Volkswagen for five years after registering as a marketing manager at SAS in 2013.

It's nice one and a half years after
the captured directors' position is now terminated by Tor Anton Bjørge as head of the Norwegian seat.

"Working with Seat was a wonderful trip. In a very short time we created a new concept," says Bjørge to Campaign.

– More emphasis on sales

He also had a period in the Bate advertising agency, where Møller and Audi were the buyer six years before joining the SAS.

"Since 2006 you have assumed the role of executive director of the headquarters, it was almost a year and a half
– What's the point?

"My strength and ambition are primarily related to the positioning and development of brands, so when it becomes more focused on selling and retailer, it's natural that the baton stick
Delivered to someone who is ready to drive, says Bjørge to Campania.

At the time of its director, they soon received 140 cars on the road, but Bjørge emphasizes that this amount was not one

"Seat was primarily involved in testing new distribution formats, such as e-commerce and innovative showroom, as well as car exchange services. The focus was on learning new acquaintances, such as other car brands in the house
Enjoy, he says.

He's thinking

– Did you realize that the Seat project will move to the second phase after you have been hired?

"After five years as a marketing manager for Volkswagen I was ready to do something
new and when the Seat job offer appeared, it was a task that I can not say no, but I was also aware that at some point it was more focused on the scope, answers Bjørge.

He says he's in there now
Think about what he wants to do. Nor does it exclude that he can return to Møller again.

"I have some sensors out there and I'm open to new and exciting opportunities where I can pull
I am exchanging my experience with mediation and as a marketing manager in SAS, Volkswagen and now the last director of Seat.

"His expertise was the right medicine

Director Harald A. Møller AS, Ulf Tore Hekneby, says they are
respect for Bjørge's decision.

Both are the importer and trader of Seat, owned by the Volkswagen Group.

– For the Seat parts, we agree that his unique expertise in branding and marketing was the right
medicine when Seat returned to Norway, says Hekneby to Campania.

In 2006, Møller reduced its investment in the Seat in Norway after unsuccessful sales, and in 2017 renewed its approval of the car brand.

– Now this work has been done and we have
respecting Tor Torp is now hungry for new tasks outside Harald A. Møller, says Hekneby.

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Ends in the headquarters:

Tor Anton Bjørge will soon head to Seat. "I realized that I find it comfortable
marketing and branding, says Campaign. Photo by Jon Sverre Ruder / Harald A. Møller AS.


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