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– There is no age limit for products, we believe that there are many old Ikea taxes.

This is what Ikea Norwegian leader of sustainability Anders Lennartsson says about the company's newest commitment to meeting the new era for retail trade.

The company is constantly trying to get new things to kidnap customers, and the latter is that they can now sell their old Ikea furniture back to a company that will then try to sell this furniture with profits.

Ikea says she will not buy furniture back by more than 30 percent of the retail price.

Total Norway by 2020

The project starts in Hamar, but will take place throughout the country.

"The goal is to offer this offer throughout Norway until 2020," says Lennartsson.

"Ikea suffered from poor results, will this be a profitable project in difficult times?

"This is not a PR move, we have an ambitious agenda when it comes to sustainability, but to make it feasible, it must also be profitable. But because this is a pilot project, this is not a central focus now, says the head of sustainability.

Last year, Ikea's profit in Norway ended with a loss of nearly 100 million.

The company is still working on new experiments, including service centers that Ikea decided to close at the beginning of this year.

In service centers, Ikea buyers can inspect and buy products, but they do not bring them home and there.

Want more in the store

All used stores will be built within an existing warehouse.

Despite the fact that the profitability of the project will not be large at the very beginning, Ikea is clear that the project will, if successful, bring more customers into the store.

– Ikea said that in Norway they will be profitable in a few years, how do you think that such attempts have an impact on this goal?

"Frankly speaking, I do not think that the beginning has anything to say about the profitability of Ikea Norway in a short time. We add a service, a new opportunity for our customers," says Lennartsson.

He claims that the market for municipal services in Norway is large and especially among the younger generation. Also in other markets, Ikea began selling second-hand.

The furniture chain also works with the development of other experiments, such as renting an interior.


Odd Gisholt, a former retailer at BI, said this autumn that Ikea had to reduce the number of warehouse products and was not sure whether it would be profitable in the near future.

"They sell too many things. The company is talking about sustainability, but, for example, looking at all the toys that they produce, or do you think it's durable?

Now, Ikea seems to be working on this and Head of Sustainable Development Lennartsson believes that Ikea's future is crucial.

"The model we have worked with for decades has no longer worked. We need better care for the world, and I believe companies will be punished in the coming years by companies that will not do it.


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