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PÅKJRTT: On Friday night, a married couple in Lahelleveien, Sandefjord, hit a car on a walking and cycling route. The woman died. The driver stumbled out of the city. Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB scanpix

A man in the 30s was charged with murder because of negligence after hitting a pair on Sandefjord on Friday night. He joined the police on Saturday.

– He contacted himself police in Sandefjord approx. at 16:30, the police say in a press release.

Now the man was taken to the central bar in Tønsberg. The plan is to continue with an initial hearing in the evening or early on Sunday morning.

Tell us

It was on the 20th Friday night when the couple, a man and a woman living in Sandefjord, hit the silver gray Audi on a footpath in Lahelleveien on the outskirts of the city.

A woman in the 50's died of injuries, while her husband came from an accident with minor injuries.

The car that was driven by steam was stuck out of the place. Large police units are looking for an alleged driver, a man in the 30's.

More hypotheses

After the hearing, the police will decide on detention.

– He is accused of negligent killing. We do not have information that the crash was intentional or that there should be any relationship between the parties involved, said Torje Arneson, who visited a lawyer in the south-east police district.

Arneson says the police are working on several hypotheses, such as substance abuse, illness, technical error, and high speed and negligence.

The current car, the silver gray Audi A3, was found in Meny on Hasle on Friday evening at 21.52, writes Tønsbergs Blad.

Finding witnesses

The police failed to contact the car owners who are currently abroad and states that the defendant used the car on Friday night.

The police spoke with several witnesses in the area and said that one of the witnesses started with a car that corresponds to the descriptions.

On Friday night VG spoke with Cecilia Johnsen, 40, who lives in Lahelleveien. She told me that she sat on the porch and drank coffee when she heard that the car was approaching very quickly.

– I heard him a while before he ran into a rampant pace. I saw that it is silver gray Audi and is convinced that it was A3, she told VG.

FLOWER: On Saturday morning, flowers and candles were laid in the place where the woman was killed and killed on the Lahelle Road in Sandefjord.

During the weekend, technicians will investigate the car for trails and possible injuries, while the car accident group at the Norwegian Public Road Administration will carry out technical tests for the car this week, says Arneson.

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