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Foo Fighters in Bergen – Bergens Tidende


The American rock band Foo Fighters is ready for a summer concert at Bergen House Square, Koengen.

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Dave Grohl and co. today announced the expansion of Europeans. On June 27th, Koengen allowed a concert, just over eleven years after the band was formed in the same venue for 20,000 people.

– The crowd in his hand

In June 2008, Foo Fighters had another big band as a heater, Queens of the Stone Age. Although there was little cool weather with the wind and the sun in the direction of Bergen, there was a great mood when Grohl broadband and hair hanging twist sounds from the guitar.

"The idea of ​​a long band is asking if the front image focuses on a career as a stand up comedy, drums and guitar. For Grohl, the public has all the attention and charms all in the washbasin," wrote BT's reviewer Einar Engelstad.

He concluded with: "The accessories must be taken in the snowman, because the clock has expired for the longest, and" the best of you "makes the whole cow to jump up and down enthusiasm. Not only because it was cold and late."

Ninth Tour of Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters, who has grown from ashes to superhero since 1994, is Nirvana that Kurt Cobain committed suicide on the "Concrete and Gold" tour.

"The best concert ever at Koengen"

The album is at the top of the American Billboard List – and the group that won four Grammy awards for the best rock album, sold the concerts everywhere.

It's the 9th World Tour Tour. At 113 concerts last year and this year, almost 700 million crowns were recorded.

The set list consists of songs from a complete career, including many coverings. At the moment, the last concert in Calgary was on October 23rd.

June sits in the fort

Frank Nes has been working in Bergen Live for several years to get Foo Fighters back to Bergen.

"It was a lengthy process, but now we are at the target and we have a confirmed concert date. This is the most important thing," says Nes.

It recommends music lovers not to have a vacation in June. In addition to concerts with Elton John, Foo Fighters and Bergenfest in the middle of the month, the organizer has some things on the bed in Koengen.

"It seems to be very busy in June 2019. There is no reason to leave the city," says Nes.

Next year, Foo Fighters will also bring heating to Bergen. Name not yet specified.

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