Saturday , July 24 2021

Epic allows you to merge accounts in Fortune

Epic Games has released Fortnite on various platforms, from Android and iOS to personal computers and all modern consoles, and it is particularly welcome news that Epic now allows us to merge our accounts so that we have all V-Bucks cosmetics in one place.

As explained on the game's website, you can select the two accounts you want to combine, one of which will be the primary one with which the other account will be aggregated and then disabled. Signing into a secondary account is linked to a primary account, and two weeks after the merger all primary and cosmetic items appear in the primary account.

One account must be used on Xbox One or Switch, the other one must be used on PS4, before September 28, last year, in order to take advantage of the merger. Accounts should of course not be disabled or banned, so you must have access to the email addresses that were used to create accounts.

This is not just for Battle Royale, but also for saving the world where you can combine lame, advocates, heroes, survivors, scheme, XP, evolution, and perk materials. Unreal Marketplace, Creative Islands and Save the World will not be downloaded.

Will you take advantage of this?


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