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Divided profiles regarding the chances of the Norwegian World Cup after the big win – VG

CAIRO (VG) (Norway-Algeria 36-23) Norway have easily won against Algeria, and former striker Frank Løke (40) believes the World Cup handball adventure in Egypt came to an end on Sunday.


France then play Portugal – after Norway meet Iceland in the evening. Even if Sander Sagosen and his teammates were to work against the Icelanders, Norway would depend on France to take points against Portugal – or for the latter to win by at least seven goals.

If not, the World Cup is over.

– I think Norway smokes, says Løke for VG, before explaining why.

In his career, Løke has scored 646 goals in 186 mandatory international matches.

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– Portugal look strong and France are moving forward, even though they lost by six goals. All the players know this and it doesn’t surprise me if they want to “get rid” of Norway. I don’t believe the French are consciously lying down, but a match with players, coaches and referees will definitely be typical of a six-goal “handicap”. Of course I don’t dare, but I’m afraid of the worst.

Sander Sagosen responded to Løke’s statements as follows:

– We can only hope that France helps us. There is nothing we can do but win our own battle. Then it’s up to everyone else to hope and believe and believe, says VG.

– After playing there, you know a lot of French people. Should we text them?

– I will send some messages and promise them good dinners, Sagosen smiles.

POINT SIX NEW: Sander Sagosen in the match against Algeria. Photo: Anne-Christine Poujoulat

Great victory

Here in Cairo, the handball boys are “Dr. Hassan Moustafa Sports Hall »to the Norwegian casino on Friday night. The 17-11 lead at the break became even bigger numbers after the break.

Christian Berge got stuck for the crew and players like goalkeeper Kristian Øverås, edges Kevin Gulliksen (four goals) and Alexander Blonz (seven goals) and striker Thomas Solstad got all the hard-to-expect minutes in the World Cup.

– We had a good day at work. We do the job well, says Sander Sagosen for VG.

COSTS: Kevin Gulliksen grinned when he appeared in one of his four goals. Photo: Anne-Christine Poujoulat

Overall, there were good performances overall. Guys like Sagosen (six goals), Christian O’Sullivan (two goals on two shots) and Gøran Johannessen (3/4) have repeatedly shown class. At the same time, Kristian Bjørnsen on his three shots from the left fully counted before leaving the post for Gulliksen.

YEAR HIGH: Kent Robin Tønnesen takes the lead and knocks into the goal against Algeria. Photo: Anne-Christine Poujoulat

Two with hope

Joakim Hykkerud (34) himself played 79 official matches with the flag on his chest. He is more optimistic than a former colleague from the series.

– Portugal will be close and even against France. I’m sure none of these teams will play on the score, but I will be nervous in this match. I’m not going to be anything “jinxe”, but I believe in France’s one-goal win and Norway against Iceland in six goals, Hykkerud told VG before declaring what the result will be for the Norwegian boys:

– Next quarterfinals!

NORWAY: The Norwegian crew was operating in Egypt on Friday night. Photo: ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT

Gro Hammerseng-Edin (40) scored 631 goals in 167 mandatory matches of the women’s national team. The former captain describes the situation as difficult but unfinished.

– It is definitely not a dream scenario if we depend on others to make progress. The key, however, is that there are still opportunities. After all, he is extremely positive. An alternative would be nitrist, says Hammerseng-Edin for VG.

– I think the thoughts of boys sometimes wander that it is distracting if they find themselves in this situation, but I think they are extremely well trained to direct the focus back to their place. They have to play for many things, gold is worth it. I think it is completely open who wins between France and Portugal. I just don’t have a strong gut for that. But as an optimist, I believe France is taking points.

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– It was a fun match. We knew it would be comfortable to do that job, says Norwegian top scorer Alexander Blonz for VG.

– Given the match against Iceland, it looks very good, says Gøran Johannessen.

– What is it like to live with uncertainty?

– It’s something we can’t do anything about. 100 percent of our own match we have to think for ourselves. But I think France-Portugal will be a lot of physics. Then we can hope that France will save the game of seven against Portugal.

Christian Berge refuses to say anything about what he expects to see at the meeting of France and Portugal – after the Norwegian match on Sunday.

– The emphasis is on doing work against Iceland.

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