Bergheim's MMA expert after an international treaty after a brutal knockout


"It's so dramatic and nothing is nice, but I'm not nervous about coming back to the ring," says Torbjørn Madsen (30).

Torbjørn Madsen met Saturday Mzwandile Hlongwa (28) in the sixth match. In the early game, which was part of the African Extreme Fighting Championship series, Madsen was defeated in unconsciousness.

Hlongwa turned and hit Madsen in the head with an elbow and drops before Bergens went into the ground.

"It's all right with me, it's in the game and it's been a spectacular knockout. There were some reactions at his celebration, but I talked to him and everything is fine," says Madsen on the phone from Cape Town.

"The victory came well, but it came to an end of the week"

Worst for my dear

The sun explores knockout as brutal and refers to users in social media that are parallel to Street Fighter.

"He has done his job well and I can not blame him for anything. This is the worst of my dear ones, those who watch, and those in my corner were a little shaken. They looked so dramatic and nothing fancy, but I'm not nervous I'm coming back to the ring. Today, sports is no longer as terrible as it was on Friday, says Madsen, who received a number of support messages after the game.

Madsen was not previously omitted.

"I have a mixture of stars and for some time I've been outside, so they were a little worried. They sent me directly to the hospital for testing and carefully monitored the scanning and everything, and there were no negative signs of the tests. After all, I have a concussion," says Madsen.

So low is a low-fat fire

– It's irritating

Madsen also thought he was the favorite before the match.

"I'm not disturbed by the loss of one, I think I'm better than that. It's a bitter swallow tablet and it's bad to lose an insurmountable title. I recommend that I ask for a title match if I got this match and that's why it came back, says Madsen.

Now, a quieter period is expected, something that the MMA practitioner and psychologist are unaware of.

"When you have a scent in your head, it's good to breathe in your stomach and take care of your health. This gives me the opportunity to slow down and learn from it, so I'm very interested in getting back in the shortest possible time," says Madsen.


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