Wednesday , June 23 2021

Avisa Nordland – This is just one of Norway

(Broom): If you need to have something that stands out and does not disturb the hate list for all MDG contributors, then this can be a car for you.

We are talking about the second generation Audi Q7. In fact, without fear of a car. At least not a model, mostly on Norwegian roads – a hybrid charger with electric and diesel engines that work together.

With a solid reach and reasonable consumption even when the battery is empty, this is one of the few rechargeable hybrids that we deliver in our opinion as desired.


But this is completely different. Here we are talking more or less new releases SQ7. With a 43-liter V8 diesel engine and a torque of 900 Nm.

In addition, it received the entire package for styling and width, signed by ABT, including exhaust systems. Broom broom!

So it looks like the Audi SQ7 ABT looks like. This is noticeable in traffic, to be carefully described.

Norway is the most expensive

The combination of SQ7 and the complete ABT package means that we are talking about the most expensive Q7 in Norway. The price of the benefit is just over NOK 1.7 million.

Then you get the 2018 model that managed to move 30,000 miles. But it's easy to drive with such an engine under the hood.

This makes 0-100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds and has a very special sound effect. So, it just falls in love here and enjoys the full V8 V8 sound.

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Repair with a diesel engine

We are among those who still think diesel engines are "real" in a large and heavy SUV. Then take advantage of the high torque while you spend the feeling.

However, it should be said that the reason may not be the first to hit you with this car.

Styling ABT is also one of the least "reasons" we have seen. It's a really good idea! Not for everyone, neither fish nor car. But those who dig it are probably willing to pay for it.

equipment bomb

Whether you are interested in a lot of equipment, here you will get a bag and a bag: seven seats, adaptive cruise control, panoramic sunroof, 22 "rims, header display, electric sports seats with embroidered logo, engine heater and impact, reversing bracket, digital instruments to name a very small part of the list of equipment.

In short, you will be much above the center of the crowd if you find something that you lack.

Lost a lot

The new cost was 2.2 million crowns. The ABT package will cost an additional $ 270,000, including a large amount of carbon footprint.

Now the price is 1.7 million NOK. What would be a steady decline in prices in a short time since the car was brand new.

But it's still a lot of money, of course. And as we have already done several times: diesel is also not the hottest on the market. This suggests that the price in the future will probably reduce the share.

But if you are looking for something unique – that suits the entire large family and works all the way to the cab – then this can be the solution for you. Make sure the bank first agrees …

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