Two divers in New Zealand spot a mysterious, gigantic and strange creature in the sea


It's not so common that divers find mysterious creatures in the sea. If they are lucky, they may find a bizarre sea creature, which looks like the deepest chicken or the world's oldest shipwreck.

Two divers in New Zealand encountered a 26-meter sea creature, similar to worms, and this also in person. Reports indicate that two divers, Steve Hathaway and Andrew Buttle, dived off Whakaari, White Island when they saw a mysterious creature.

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In a video clip that happens virally, a worm appears, which changes when it slowly moves into the sea. The strange being was defined as pyrosom – a small creature that forms hollow tubes sealed at one end.

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"I always wanted to see one. I was excited, it's like looking for something that you've been dreaming for so many years," said Hathway for NDTV.

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