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The Futurist, which announced on September 11th and the GFC says it will lead to a "global disaster" by the end of next year,


Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 in a timely manner for a "global disaster" and the prices of Austrian real estate will fall further, and Facebook will die in a decade.

In the next three years, global leadership will be eased with the use of autonomous dron technology, which will trigger an international protest.

These are just some of the predictions of futurist dr. Richard Hames, who rightly announced September 11 and GFC, are the world's two biggest events in the last two decades, but are not his "most crazy".

"My most crazy prediction is that within a decade we will see an almost revolutionary change in the way of thinking about politics, social enterprise and the economy," said Dr. Hames, citing climate change and an increasing gap between rich and poor as key. catalysts.

"Governments will seriously consider how they can limit personal wealth and thus challenge the capitalist framework. We will shift our thinking from growth at all costs so that humanity will be free from growth and even negative growth. Economists will say this is impossible if you do not look at things like the economy itself. "

Futurist dr. Richard Hames. Photo / Retrieved
Futurist dr. Richard Hames. Photo / Retrieved

Dr Hames believes that the Nordic countries will first make this move and "as Australia will always lag behind in a decade."

"We need to change our thinking so that we break through the threshold," he said.

"We are currently in a halt, we can not solve the problem."

The author and consultant, described as "futuristic predictions", has dealt with hundreds of themes ranging from the future of conflicts and work to taxation, business and society, food security, international terrorism, smart cities, financial services, health care, science and alternative energy.

To promote his tour of Australia, Hames came out with a number of statements that captured the covers – including the fact that the second financial crisis is just around the corner.

"Since the global financial crisis, no structural dynamics have changed, in fact I think they are deteriorating," said Dr. Hames.

"There will be a global disaster by the end of the next year."

With Trump's perspective for 2020, he argues that "much of his base is actually falling, but in many ways, the US economy is better than anyone expected."

"Democrats are in a mess, it's a big part," he said.

"Fighting each other. I say with almost 100% certainty that he will return."

As for investors, Dr. Hames says that the high flows of "mostly Chinese money supporting housing prices are drought".

"The ownership of the property continued to decline from GFC, so you see local investors who withdraw their rentals due to low returns," he said.

"Everything is not good. It speeds up worse conditions than before the last crash."

And on the drone assassination, dr. Hames says he is "surprised that it did not happen already" – last year, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro almost withdrew two explosion-laden drones.

"The reality of what is happening in organizations like DARPA (US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in the United States is developing a technology for the generation of drones," he said.

"Now it's a technology that can really monitor almost anyone in the world at all times, especially if you carry a cell phone, and whoever gives you toxic poison at all."

Now that AI can connect unmanned airplanes that can fly independently and choose their own targets, "you've just got a world waiting for that event to happen."

"I think we will see this very soon, especially in view of the conflict between some of the world leaders and the problems between Israel and Palestine, and now Iran and the US," said Dr. Hames.

"The Middle East is ripe for such an event."


• "The crypto currency will not disappear, it will move from chips to aid sovereign chips, but the Dapps token will be the next big wave that will disrupt the monopoly of centralized platforms such as Google, Facebook and Amazon."

• "At this stage, Donald Trump will probably win the election in 2020 and continue in the current mode of difficult conversations in the form of bluffing and rejection."

• "New conservative leadership in the United Kingdom is seeking a radical neoliberal paradise and will do everything in its power to reach Brexit this autumn. If it fails, the government will be forced into a new referendum on Europe in 2020. The electorate can decide, to stay in the EU. "

• "The American war with Iran depends on two factors: is John Bolton reluctant to organize the wrong attack on US assets, and whether pressure from Netanyahu persuaded Trump to turn Iran into an unsuccessful country in a war with the very ethnic and sectarian state so that he will no longer endanger Israel. "

• "Before 2022 there will be international resentment involving the use of autonomous dron technology to kill a popular global leader."

• "By 2023, Facebook will be renamed Instagram, and by 2028 we will not even remember. Facebook will become helpless to stop its own genus."

• "The long-term future of urban transport is hydrogen fuel cells rather than electric vehicles. By 2030, 80 percent of public transport in the Australian cities could be driven by hydrogen."

• "By 2035 almost everything we need to do can be done from CO2, H2O, sunlight, PV electrolytes and genetically modified microorganisms."

• "The first country to build commercially capable Uranium and / or Thorium fission reactors will be rewarded with a huge global engineering company."

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